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Misuses of passports, with some being used as beermats and others being put through the wash, has led to a big increase in Britons forced to fork out for emergency travel documents

Brits warned over passport misuse

They're essential for international travellers getting from one destination to another.

Many parents forget to use sun cream despite smothering it on their children

Parents forget their own sun cream

Many parents are so intent on splashing the sun cream on their children they're forgetting to put it on themselves, a new survey suggests.

Two million Brits are heading abroad this weekend

Brits head abroad for summer breaks

Two million Brits are heading abroad as the first weekend of the school holidays gets underway.

One in five parents now allows their youngsters to choose their holiday destination, according to a new study

'Pester power' blows holiday budget

Keeping the kids happy is an important part of any family holiday.

A bumblebee sting is classed as level two on a researcher's scale

Insect sting pain scale revealed

There are scales to measure the strength of earthquakes, the speed of winds and even the spicy heat of chili peppers.

Around 14 million Brits are expected to vacation abroad between July and September

Travel tips for a worry-free summer

Travel association ABTA has released a series of handy tips designed to ensure Brits have a stress-free holiday this year.

Consular staff gave assistance to 19,244 Brits in need in 2012/13, according to data included in the FCO's British Behaviour Abroad Report 2013

FCO 'assisted 19,244 Brits abroad'

The Government has issued fresh summer travel advice after a surge in the number of Britons requiring consular assistance for serious incidents in some countries including India, United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

Holidaymakers may save hundreds of pounds by avoiding all-inclusive holidays. according to research

All-inclusive not always best value

All-inclusive holidays in many parts of Europe may not be the bargains they first appear to be, according to a new study.

Many Britons would ignore Foreign Office warnings about unsafe destinations, according to research

Many 'would ignore' travel warnings

More than half of Britons would ignore official advice against travelling to unsafe destinations if they had already planned their trip, research has suggested.