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More customers are booking their holidays on tablet computers and mobile phones

Mobile device holiday bookings rise

An increasing number of people are booking their holidays on mobile devices, a study shows. Almost a quarter (24%) of people said they have used their smartphone or tablet computer to make a holiday booking, according to a survey of 2,000 people for Abta. For foreign holidays, 14% said they had used a mobile phone to book a holiday package or flights, hotels and travel insurance . A tenth had booked an overseas trip on a tablet. For UK-based breaks, the figure was slightly lower - 12% had used their smartphone to book a break and 8% had used their tablet.

A study has ranked the UK among the top countries for quantity and quality of time off work

Britons' holiday entitlement hailed

British workers enjoy some of the most generous holiday entitlement around, a report has revealed. With 25 days, Brits have more than double the holiday of workers in the US (12 days) or South Korea (10 days) and also find it easier to relax and forget about the office while away, according to an Expedia study.

A study published by Heathrow says the lack of capacity at the airport is costing the UK £14 billion a year

Heathrow bosses want third runway

The lack of extra capacity at Heathrow is costing the country £14 billion each year in lost business - increasing to £26 billion a year by 2030 - a new study published by the airport suggests.It may also be costing passengers' money on their travel insurance due to more delays and missed flight connections. Airport bosses would therefore like to see a third runway built in west London..

A train stands still at a deserted platform at the Brussels South train station on Wednesday

European strikes disrupt transport

UK airline and rail transport services were getting back to normal today after widespread disruption yesterday caused by strikes throughout Europe in protest at austerity measures. Among the UK airlines obliged to cancel services were British Airways and easyJet. The high-speed train company for the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar, was forced to cancel one of its London-Brussels trains due to strike action in Belgium.

British Airways flights hit by walk-out

Flights grounded by European strike

A string of European strikes against rising unemployment and austerity measures will affect air travel in Britain. Workers in 40 groups from 23 countries around Europe look set to protest as part of The Day of Action and Solidarity across the European Union, including Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy.

High tides have flooded Venice, leading Venetians and tourists to don high boots and use wooden walkways to cross St. Mark's Square

Weather and strikes hit Europe

Freak weather conditions and industrial action in Europe have combined this week to highlight what can go wrong on holiday. Firstly, in Venice, heavy rain and seas whipped up by strong winds have flooded the famous Italian tourist city. Sunday's high tide mark of 59.06 inches (150cm) was its sixth-highest level since records began in 1872, according to the Ansa News agency.

A 'life changing' asthma treatment could be discontinued on the NHS

Swimmer backs at-risk asthma drug

A "life changing" asthma treatment which enabled a professional swimmer to compete in the London 2012 Olympics could be discontinued on the NHS.

Some flights to the USA have been cancelled from Heathrow Airport

New storm takes toll on US flights

Holidaymakers heading for the USA faced disruption as the Superstorm Sandy-hit east coast was pounded by another powerful storm.

Passengers arriving in Madrid may have to wait up to two hours for their bags, easyJet has warned

Strike set to hit Madrid travellers

A baggage handlers' strike is set to hit passengers flying into and out of Madrid this weekend, budget airline easyJet is warning.

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