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More than 1,500 Britons were asked what annoyed them most when flying

Noisy kids 'biggest flight bother'

Noisy children have topped a poll to find the most annoying aspects of flying, according to new research from online travel agent sunshine.co.uk, which surveyed 1,684 Britons. Uncontrollable youngsters fended off competition from a lack of leg room and poor-quality in-flight food to claim the crown, while passengers also moaned about people kicking the back of their seats, loud passengers, not being seated with co-travellers and inebriated holidaymakers.

Industry bosses are concerned that the introduction of Airport Passenger Duty could damage tourism in the UK.

Rise in airport tax may hit tourism

The introduction of a higher Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax on airport departures next year will be likely to have a negative impact on tourism according to industry chiefs. A survey of 1,300 tourism industry bosses found that more than eight in ten (84 per cent) suggested that tourism in London would be damaged if the increased levy were to be put in place in April 2013, as scheduled.

Flights to New York have now resumed

UK to New York services return

UK flights to hurricane-hit New York and the US east coast are generally back to normal.

Flights to the US have been cancelled as America's east coast braces itself for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy (AP)

Hurricane Sandy grounds US flights

Passengers are facing travel chaos as America's east coast braces itself for Hurricane Sandy. BA and Virgin Atlantic flights to New York, Washington and Boston have been cancelled, with journeys to Baltimore and Philadelphia also affected.

Hurricane Sandy headed from Jamaica to Cuba (AP Photo/Weather Underground)

Cuba bashed by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has arrived at Cuba's south coast after causing chaos in Jamaica. The hurricane hit land just to the west of Santiago de Cuba and according to the US National Hurricane Centre in Miami its sustained winds reached a maximum of 114 miles per hour.

A survey has found that the public want lower airport taxes

Call for cut in air passenger tax

Most members of the public want the Air Passenger Duty (APD) airport departure tax to be reduced or frozen. Amid the tough economic times when every penny counts, they are looking at ways to help reduce the cost of a holiday abroad.

Low-visibility conditions led to the cancellation of approximately 120 flights at Heathrow airport

Heavy fog causes flight delays

A second consecutive day of heavy fog across large parts of England has further disrupted flight schedules already hit by striking French workers. Low-visibility conditions meant that around 120 inbound and outbound flights were cancelled at Heathrow yesterday, with many other flights delayed or re-routed.

A Jet2 aircraft had to be evacuated after smoke was spotted in the cabin at Glasgow Airport

Take-off halted amid smoke on plane

Holidaymakers found a trip away delayed amid dramatic scenes as smoke was discovered in an aeroplane just as it was about to take off. The incident led to all those on board being evacuated via inflatable chutes.

Mosquitoes can carry a number of tropical disease including malaria and dengue fever

New warning on tropical diseases

Travellers are being urged to protect themselves against disease after a hospital in Swindon revealed it had treated cases of malaria and the rare tropical diseases leprosy and dengue fever.

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