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Increasing airport capacity would cut the chances of flight delays for travellers

'Let Britain Fly' urge campaigners

A campaign has been launched to encourage the Government to expand the capacity of the country's airports in order to "Let Britain Fly".

Stingray's are potentially deadly

Man suffers stingray attack on hols

A father has reminded fellow holidaymakers of the importance of travel insurance after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria from a stingray barb.

Ian Davies, easyJet's engineering director, points to the area on the plane where the Avoid volcanic sensor is placed

Volcanic ash plane sensor tested

Travel disruptions caused by volcanic ash could be a thing of past if tests on aircraft prove successful.

Red Sea tourism numbers have risen slightly by 0.7 per cent year on year, Egypt's tourism authority revealed

More tourists visit Egypt's Red Sea

Holidaymakers are heading back to Egypt's Red Sea resorts after a tumultuous year for the country.

A female traveller heading from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport to Gatwick managed to trap herself in the loo

Plane passenger caught short in air

Holiday mishaps can occur at any time - as one red-faced BA passenger found out.

Snoring when pregnant can lead to giving birth to smaller babies, according to a study

New study on snoring when pregnant

Seeing a mother-to-be snoring on a train on their holidays abroad might not be anything to write home about for the seasoned traveller.

The overseas holiday market is showing signs of improvement

Ray of sunshine for holiday sector

The holiday market has been buoyed on the back of rising consumer confidence, a new survey suggests.

Paris perfection: the French capital tops a new list of most popular cities

More Britons enjoying city breaks

City breaks are now on a par with sun-soaked beach getaways in the affections of UK holidaymakers, according to a new poll.

Thousands of England football are expected to flock to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup

Brits warned over World Cup travel

Following England's success at qualifying for next year's World Cup in Brazil, football fans planning on making the journey overseas would do well to start saving now, travel experts say.