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UK tourists are flocking to the continent as the price of holidaying in Europe has fallen dramatically over the last two years

Foreign holidays cost drops sharply

Cost-conscious tourists might find that a trip to sunny Spanish beaches or French vineyards is actually cheaper than holidaying at home, according to new figures. The cost of holidaying in Europe has plummeted by 12% over the past two years, as the Euro has dropped off against the Pound, research by Blink Booking revealed.

An Egyptian man stamps on the roof of a car in Tahrir Square, Cairo, during a protest (AP)

Tourists urged to exercise caution

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised Britons to exercise caution while travelling in Egypt and Tunisia but its overall travel advice for the two countries remains unchanged amid protests across the Middle East and North Africa about an American director's anti-Muslim film which appeared on YouTube.

Volcanic ash spews from the Volcan de Fuego

Volcano erupts near tourist city

More than 33,000 people have been evacuated from villages near one of Guatemala's biggest tourist attractions after a volcano erupted, spewing clouds of ash two miles into the sky. Authorities said although they expected the eruption to last at least 12 hours the colonial city of Antigua, which sits six miles north east of the volcano and is home to 45,000 people, was not currently in danger.

Phone chargers are among the things travellers leave in hotel rooms, according to research

Hotel guests forget specs andā€¦dogs

Electronic chargers, clothing, shoes, books and glasses are among the most common items left behind in hotel rooms by guests. But a survey into visitors' habits across Europe found staff had also discovered their guests had forgotten some more unusual items including dogs, artificial legs, false eyes, dental appliances and a cooker.

Dark clouds loom over the NYC skyline

Tornadoes cause chaos in New York

The city of New York was hit by two tornadoes on Saturday but although infrastructure was damaged, no serious injuries were reported.

Two hurricanes were being monitered in the US yesterday

Extreme weather hits Atlantic coast

Extreme weather conditions swept the Atlantic coast of North and Central America yesterday, serving as a stark reminder of the importance of travel insurance . The US National Hurricane Centre in Miami confirmed that Hurricane Michael, the seventh hurricane of the season in the Atlantic, was located about 1,060 miles south west of the Azores last night.

Many people crave another holiday as soon as they land on home soil, according to research

People need second holiday break

Latest research has concluded that people want to go on another holiday only six weeks after they have come back from their latest vacation. The survey of 1,714 adults was produced by www.sunshine.co.uk - the online travel agent - and the month-and-a-half average time figure was one of the main conclusions of the research.

For many young people a gap year can be their first trip away from home without family

New guide offers gap year advice

A new travel guide is aiming to make sure gap year travellers avoid running into preventable problems abroad. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) has produced Plan.Pack.Explore, which offers practical advice to prospective backpackers and their worried parents.

Firefighters tackle the fires (AP)

Brits accounted for amid wildfires

All British holidaymakers and expats affected by wildfires in southern Spain have been accounted for, according to sources. Around 300 British nationals were among thousands of people forced to flee their homes over the weekend as fire crews battled to contain blazes in the Costa Del Sol region.

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