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More mums are taking responsibility for booking summer holidays, research has shown

More mums 'take charge of holidays'

More mums are responsible for sorting out family holidays, research from Asda has shown. A total of 51% of those asked took care of booking the annual break for their household, while only 9% shared the burden with their partners and only 25% of husbands or significant others took charge themselves. Similar studies from a generation ago also show significant changes in the domestic landscape, with only 36% of mums taking charge of family breaks in the past.

As many as 21 per cent of holidaymakers are booking trips during work time

Workers planning trips 'on the job'

A new survey by travel agent has revealed more than one in five people book their overseas trip at work, with people spending as many as two hours of their company's time on arranging their holiday.

Travelodge hotel in Uxbridge as the Budget hotel chain revealed a list of items left behind by guests in 2012. One female guest forgot her breast implants and another left a pet python behind

Monty the python in lost property

No matter how many times we look under the hotel bed or behind a cupboard, an item always manages to escape detection when packing our bags to head home. Now, a list of weird and wonderful items which holiday-makers have left behind, some on purpose no doubt, has been published.

Dozens of flights were disrupted by thick fog at Delhi airport (AP)

Thick fog causes Delhi flight chaos

Thousands of air and rail passengers were hit by cancellations, diversions and delays after Delhi was enveloped by thick fog.

An easyJet plane was forced to make an emergency landing during a flight to Edinburgh

EasyJet plane in emergency landing

Passengers flying to Edinburgh had their journey disrupted when their plane made an emergency landing, according to reports.

People value trips abroad, with Croatia being a sought after holiday destination

Popularity of travel still high

Holidaymakers are determined to travel abroad in 2013 says Skyscanner, the travel search site. Well over two-thirds (71%) of those who are looking to have a break intend to take more than one holiday during the next year, with over 42% stating they would have at least three breaks. The downside is that 40% are prepared to pay more in 2013 for their holiday than compared with 2012. In 2012, 80% of people paid for their holiday with money they had saved, while one in five started accumulating money for anther break as soon as they had returned from their first trip.

The campaign is aimed at highlighting the importance of the new ATOL certificate for holidaymakers

Atol awareness campaign launched

In these economically challenging times, it's good to have peace of mind when travelling abroad. To this end, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - the UK's specialist aviation regulator - launched a campaign on Boxing Day to raise holidaymakers' protection awareness still further. The new campaign is designed to familiarise travellers with how the Air Travel Organisers' Licensing (ATOL) logo relates to them and their holidays.

An easyJet flight returning to Bristol Airport after being turned back from Madeira because of bad weather. Passengers were stranded at a hotel in Bristol for 48 hours over Christmas waiting for a flight

Festive break flight delayed

Festive fun in the sun was put on hold for some holiday makers who thought they would be sitting by the pool or on the beach in Madeira for Christmas. Their escape from the wet and cold in the UK was hampered when flights to Madeira were cancelled for 48 hours on Christmas Eve, leaving passengers stranded in a Bristol hotel for two nights.

Millions of doses of yellow fever vaccine will be handed out to curb the spread of the disease in Sudan

Yellow fever vaccine plan for Sudan

Over a million people in Sudan will be offered immunisations in the next month to battle what experts believe is the worst outbreak of yellow fever the world has seen for 20 years. Since the immunisation programme began on November 21 about 2.2 million people have been vaccinated against the disease, which can cause jaundice and kidney failure. More than 800 suspected cases of the disease have been reported since October, prompting a mass vaccination campaign.