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The flying nannies will be on hand to help make long haul flights a more peaceful experience

Flying nannies to assist families

A major airline has decided to give globe-trotting families a helping hand - by offering a 'flying nanny' service.

Wearing a bikini away from Barcelona's beach area can bring a fine for unwary holidaymakers

Brits risk breaking laws abroad

Holidaying Britons face a host of unknown ways in which they can get on the wrong side of the law when abroad - with many mistakenly see their passport as a "get out of jail free" card.

More than six million Brits are due to make overnight-stay trips overseas and in the UK for the bank holiday

Brits set for bank holiday getaway

The bank holiday weekend is due to see more than six million Britons make overnight-stay trips both in the UK and overseas, with Spain the top destination.

Holidays to Red Sea resorts are still being run by UK operators

Travel to Egypt from UK continues

British holidaymakers are still able to travel to Egypt from the UK despite several European tour operators cancelling all trips to the country, which is currently beset by violence civil unrest.

Passengers on board the Virgin Atlantic flight had to spent the night in Gander Airport

Air passengers stranded in Canada

Hundreds of passengers suffered prolonged disruption on Saturday as a flight from Heathrow to New York had to make an emergency landing at a small Canadian airport.

Most young adults are likely to drink more on holiday than at home

Boozy Britons warned of travel risk

Young holidaymakers have been warned to take care when taking advantage of cheap alcohol prices abroad - after research showed how boozy Britons are putting themselves at risk of injury or imprisonment.

Baggage workers at Stansted Airport are planning to go on strike over the bank holiday weekend

Stansted workers to go on strike

Holidaymakers planning a trip abroad from Stansted Airport over the bank holiday weekend might want to give extra consideration to their choice of travel insurance after baggage workers announced strike action.

Police stand guard following a fire at the international arrivals unit of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya (AP)

Kenya airport hub shut after blaze

Kenya's main international airport has been forced to close its arrivals area following an early morning blaze.

Increased vehicle searches by Spanish border guards have caused delays for tourists visiting Gibraltar (AP)

Spain warned over Gibraltar checks

Spain has been warned that it must follow EU laws when carrying out checks at the Gibraltar border.