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The flight diverted back to St John's, Newfoundland

Flight 'dipped' over the Atlantic

A passenger plane bound for London "dipped like a ferry" over the Atlantic, forcing the pilot to fly back to North America.

EasyJet has trialled new ash detection equipment technology

Ash detection technology trialled

Budget airline easyJet has trialled new ash detection equipment in the wake of the 2010 ash cloud crisis which saw holidaymakers checking the small print of their travel insurance cover.

Eurostar passenger numbers were up two per cent in the first six months of the year, new figures show

More tourists travel on Eurostar

Taking the Eurostar to Paris or Amsterdam is becoming increasingly popular among holidaymakers, new figures suggest.

Two-fifths of passengers are unclear on hand luggage rules, according to a poll

Uncertainty over hand luggage limit

Edinburgh Airport has moved to clarify the rules on hand luggage after two-fifths of holidaymakers claimed they were unaware how many bags can be carried onto a flight.

Standard adult passports will cost £5 less from the autumn

Passport costs to fall in autumn

British holidaymakers received a small financial boost after it was announced the cost of a standard adult passport will be reduced by £5 later this year.

Passengers walk through the south terminal station of the Gatwick Shuttle inter-terminal transit train

Surge in passengers at UK airport

Figures have shown that events to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee saw the number of passengers at a major UK airport rise nearly 5% last month.

Women play a bigger role in holiday packing, a poll has claimed

Holiday decisions 'made by women'

A new survey from Teletext Holidays suggests men normally take something of a back-seat role in the planning of trips away with women, and are often left with the job of carrying the suitcases.

Fog caused severe disruptions and a flight backlog at Auckland Airport

Disruptions at Auckland Airport

Travellers at Auckland Airport suffered severe disruptions after fog caused around 40 domestic flights and two international flights to be either cancelled or significantly delayed.

Five people were injured taking part in an annual bull run in the Spanish city of Pamplona

Five injuries at bull run festival

This weekend saw the annual San Fermin festival at Pamplona in northern Spain. The festival is known for an annual bull run in which thousands of runners sprint through the streets of the Spanish city ahead of a small pack of fighting bulls.

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