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Researchers have developed a new drug for asthma patients

New drug hope for asthma sufferers

Researchers have developed a drug that offers new hope to those suffering from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Experts have found that eribulin can extend the lives of women with aggressive forms of breast cancer by several months

Sponge drug 'helps cancer patients'

Giving breast cancer patients a drug made from sea sponges can extend their lives by several months, according to a new study.

Maintaining healthy blood pressure is one way to reduce the risk of stroke

Women warned over stroke risk

Women everywhere are being urged to cultivate a greater awareness of the risks and signs of stroke.

The social stigma surrounding dementia is hindering diagnosis and care, a report warns

Call to 'stamp out' dementia stigma

A new report calls for increased awareness over dementia, to help eradicate the social stigma reported by many sufferers of the condition.

Training on a bike three times a week could improve cancer patients' fitness after chemoradiotherapy treatment but before surgery, doctors say

Prehabilitation 'aids cancer patients'

A pre-surgery fitness regime can return cancer patients to the same activity levels seen before chemoradiotherapy treatment - and within six weeks, researchers claim.

The number of specialist cancer nurses has reached an all-time high in England

Cancer nurse levels 'at all-time high'

England has seen an all-time high in the number of specialist adult cancer nurses, according to latest figures.

Viagra could be used to treat heart patients, according to research

Viagra 'may aid heart health'

Viagra could be an ef fective and safe treatment for patients with heart disease, researchers say.

Secondary breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread from the breast to other parts of the body

Cancer patients 'suffering needless pain'

A leading charity claims that women with incurable breast cancer are often suffering needless pain.

Close up on sugar cubes and dice spelling diabetes

Breakthrough in Type 1 diabetes treatment

A major breakthrough has been made in the search for an effective way of treating Type 1 diabetes.