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Men who cope better with childhood stress are more likely to avoid heart disease, research suggests

Heart disease linked to childhood stress

Men who cope better with childhood stress are more likely to avoid heart disease, new Swedish research suggests.

A new study has shed light on breast cancer

Boost for breast cancer research

Women who are suffering the most hostile forms of breast cancer could be successfully diagnosed through new stem cell testing, British scientists believe.

The number of women realising they are pregnant within six weeks has risen

Women 'realising pregnancy earlier'

More women are realising they are pregnant within six weeks, while a greater number are also seeing a healthcare practitioner within 12 weeks.

David Cameron has pledged to support dementia studies

Boost for dementia research

A new initiative which invites the public to help scientists try and unlock the mysteries of dementia begins this week.

Prostate cancer: Scientists claim they have found another clue in the hunt to discover how to prevent it

New protein gives hope in cancer fight

The hope of finding drugs which prevent prostate cancers that are immune to treatment has moved a step closer.

Bile duct cancer patients could benefit from a new class of experimental drug

New drug hope for bile duct cancer

A new class of experimental drug could be used to treat bile duct cancer.

A network of dementia centres is set to boost research

Dementia research gets £30m boost

The quest to find a cure for dementia is to continue with the creation of special research centres across the country.

Surviving cancer: can put you in the mood for a holiday

HRT linked to ovarian cancer

Women substantially raise their chance of developing ovarian cancer if they are on hormone replacement therapies (HRT), a comprehensive report has found.

The latest medical guidance on drinking alcohol during pregnancy advises women to avoid it entirely while trying for a baby and during the first three months after conception

New alcohol advice for mums-to-be

Women should not drink any alcohol at all if they are trying for a baby or have already conceived and are in the first trimester of their pregnancy, according to new guidelines.