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Exposing your skin to sunshine can help lower blood pressure

Sunshine helps lower blood pressure

A vitamin found in natural sunlight and oily fish could potentially reduce high blood pressure, according to research.

The numbers of diabetes patients receiving eight vital checks varies widely between areas of England

Charity's diabetes check warning

Many people with diabetes are not getting the vital health checks they need to monitor changes to their condition, a charity warns.

Doctors say eating too much junk food has an effect on Crohn's disease

Sharp rise in youngsters with Crohn's disease

The number of young people with Crohn's disease has trebled in the past 10 years and doctors say the use of antibiotics and eating too much fatty foods are playing a part in the rising number of people contracting the illness.

Scientists have announced a new large-scale study into dementia

Major UK effort to study dementia

The health details of around two million UK volunteers are to be used in the biggest ever research effort into dementia.

A lack of exposure to sunshine can be particularly dangerous for middle-aged people

Lack of sun linked to early death

Middle-aged people who do not get enough sun face a greater risk of early death, research suggests.

New research suggests that more than a third of adults in England have borderline diabetes

Jump in adults with pre-diabetes

One in three adults in England is on the brink of developing diabetes, according to new research.

Scientists say one in four smokers with the defective gene BRCA2 will develop lung cancer

Flawed gene linked to lung cancer

New research has discovered that a quarter of smokers with the defective gene BRCA2 will suffer from lung cancer during their lives.

Dementia usually occurs in people over the age of 65

Cynics 'more at risk of dementia'

Cynical people face a greater risk of developing dementia as they get older, according to a new study.

Actress Caroline Aherne was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer as a baby

Comic Aherne backs cancer campaign

Royle Family star Caroline Aherne is helping to spearhead a drive to make people more aware of the rare type of eye cancer that she suffered from during childhood.