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Eating yoghurt may help cut your risk of diabetes, experts say

Yoghurt could cut diabetes risk

Eating yoghurt may help cut the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, experts say.

Heartwarming: a retired man has become one of the first British patients to have a mini wireless heart monitor implanted

Man gets wireless heart monitor

Doctors can now remotely monitor a Sussex man's heart condition around the clock, thanks to a tiny wireless implant.

Sniffles and sneezes during pregnancy could increase a mother's chances of her child having asthma

Pregnancy colds raise asthma risk

Women who catch a cold during pregnancy are more likely to have a child with asthma, research shows.

Be Clear on Cancer is targeting older women to increase early diagnoses of breast cancer

Call to be clear on breast cancer

A new national health campaign is urging women over the age of 70 to check for signs of breast cancer.

A baby's chances of childhood asthma triple if it is born prematurely, according to a new study

Warning over childhood asthma risk

A baby's chances of childhood asthma can be tripled if it is born prematurely, research shows.

Researchers are now working with a biotechnology company to prepare the experimental drug for patient trials

Drug 'could stop cancer spread'

An experimental drug that researchers say can virtually halt the spread of breast cancer has given fresh hope to sufferers of the disease.

Researchers have warned over the dangers of smoking in the car with children who suffer asthma

Smoking warning over asthma kids

Asthmatic children are more likely to be readmitted to hospital within a year of being first taken into hospital with the condition if they are exposed to second-hand smoke at home or in the car, research has revealed.

Smear tests: Women over 50 are being urged to have one regularly

Risks of skipping smears revealed

Women over 50 who skip smear test screenings are far more likely to develop cervical cancer, according to new research.

Holiday ahoy! Having Alzheimer's need not be a barrier to getting travel insurance and enjoying your holiday

Self-test could reveal Alzheimer's

Quick and simple self-testing could be the first step towards helping people answer the question: "Have I got Alzheimer's?"