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Mosquito protection is a factor to consider before travelling abroad

Florida's 'giant mosquito invasion'

Florida could be hit by another invasion of giant mosquitoes this summer, US scientists have warned. The huge insects commonly known as gallinippers - their scientific name is psorophora ciliata - descended on the Sunshine State last year and the same thing may be about to happen again, according to University of Florida (UF) experts.

The passenger was 38,000 feet above West Africa when she went into labour, according to reports

Passenger gives birth on plane

A passenger gave birth in the middle of a flight to from South Africa to New York, officials and witnesses have revealed. Heavily pregnant Fatawmatt Kaba, of Angola, was four hours into the flight from Johannesburg to the Big Apple when she went into labour. Officials said the plane was 38,000 feet over West Africa at the time.

Cheryl Cole praised her fans for launching a malaria campaign

Cole's praise over malaria campaign

Cheryl Cole said her fans were "amazing, considerate and caring people" after they began a campaign to raise money to help fight malaria. For Comic Relief, the 29-year-old singer has lent her voice to the moving story of an 18-month-old boy who died before he could be given treatment for the disease. Cole battled the illness herself in 2010 after holidaying in Tanzania.

West Melling railway station: The scene of the rush-hour baby drama

Woman gives birth on commuter train

As rail service delay excuses go, it certainly beats leaves on the line. Last Thursday night's 18.18 London Victoria to Maidstone East service was delayed due to a woman giving birth. Far from being put out, the packed rush-hour train greeted the news with cheers. Baby Phoebe was safely delivered "perfectly healthy" a week early, weighing 6lb 13oz.

More than 1.5 million British women have breast x-rays or mammograms each year

Laser test to spot breast cancer

Tens of thousands of women could be spared time and anxiety thanks to an instant laser test for breast cancer. Scientists at the Science and Technologies Facilities Council in Oxfordshire are currently developing the new technique, which could also cut NHS costs.

Researchers say a combination inhaler may be more effective than current standard asthma treatment

Combined inhaler 'more effective'

A combined inhaler containing two different medicines can be a more effective treatment than the current options offered as standard, according to new research. Asthma patients are typically given two separate inhalers under current guidance, one being used as a preventative measure and the other used as a treatment during an attack. The latest research, reported in the in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal, concludes that the combined inhaler reduced severe episodes by a third and was safe to use. Holders of asthma travel insurance policies may be interested to note the new evidence and await the response of the wider medical community to the findings.

Holidaymakers should think about how they can avoid contracting malaria when travelling to at-risk areas

Malaria warning for travellers

Prevention is most certainly better than cure when it comes to malaria, according to an expert. Dr Martin Wiselka, a consultant in infectious diseases at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, is warning that holidaymakers travelling to at-risk areas should think about how they can avoid contracting the disease.

ABTA is to visit seven universities in an exercise to raise brand awareness

ABTA embarks on university tour

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) will visit seven UK universities during a two-week campaign to raise awareness about the organisation. Some 17,000 students at Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield, Warwick, Hertfordshire and Southampton universities will be targeted during the roadshow.

The 'pseudogene' contains similar DNA material to the proten PTEN

'Pseudogene' linked to cancers

Scientists have discovered the presence of a 'pseudogene' that is linked to the development of cancers. The research, published in the journal Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, has identified a pseudogene that could be a contributing factor to the onset of brain, prostate, womb, lung and breast cancers. Researchers believe that the pseudogene regulates a well known 'oncogene', which is connected to the advancement of the illness. They hope that by targeting the pseudogene they may be able to alter the effects that it has on the oncogene stemming the cause of cancer.

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