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Avian flu may have been transmitted between people for the first time, scientists say

Avian flu 'passed between humans'

A father is believed to have passed a lethal strain of avian flu on to his daughter, in a case the first of its kind.

Asthma attacks in children spike in September when schools re-open, a charity has warned

Back-to-school asthma risk warning

Asthma attacks among children are more common when they go back to school after the summer holidays, a charity has warned.

Jellyfish numbers reported to be surging across the Mediterranean, around the UK and in other parts of the world

Holidaymakers warned over jellyfish

Holidaymakers have been advised to be vigilant following a significant increase in jellyfish in various parts of the world.

A US study has linked height to cancer risk in post-menopausal women

Women's cancer height link reported

Taller women are more likely to develop cancer after middle age than smaller women, new US research suggests.

Up to 25,000 Britons are expected to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca this year

Pilgrims warned over deadly virus

Elderly Muslims are being advised not to take part in the annual pilgrimage to Mecca because of a deadly new Sars-like virus.

A woman was found to have flesh-eating maggots inside her ear after a trip to Peru

Flesh-eating maggots in woman's ear

A British woman who began to hear strange scratching sounds in her head after a holiday in Peru has spoken of her terror when told there were flesh-eating maggots inside her ear.

Officials are being told to be vigilant against a new Sars-like condition

Sars-like virus 'demands vigilance'

Britons are being urged to be vigilant over a new Sars-like virus that has links to the Middle East.

Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease, colloquially known as "breakbone fever" because symptoms can include agonising joint pain

Dengue fever hits 390m every year

Nearly 400 million people are infected with dengue fever each year, making it the world's fastest-growing tropical disease, new research has revealed.

Malaria parasites thrive in red blood cells

Malaria vaccine moves step nearer

The quest for a malaria vaccine has moved a step further after an Australian trial proved successful on mice.

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