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Allergy UK has raised concerns that many asthma sufferers not taking the necessary steps to keep their condition under control

Take control, asthma sufferers urged

Asthma sufferers are being urged to take control of their condition, rather than just seeking to relieve the symptoms during a flare-up.

Breast cancer death rates have fallen by 38% since the early 1990s

Fall in deaths for common cancers

Death rates for four of the main cancers have fallen by almost a third over the course of the past two decades.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK

Devices could halt extra cancer ops

Cutting-edge medical technology is being tested which experts say could stop healthy tissue being removed when operating on breast cancer patients.

Retirement home residents are travelling the world thanks to social network LinkedAge

Senior travel room-swap scheme

A new social network is allowing older people who live in retirement accommodation to travel and spend time in homes in other countries.

The new therapy could help make hearts stronger

New therapy could replace heart transplants

There is hope on offer to some heart patients following a pioneering gene therapy trial which could eventually replace heart transplants.

A third of people travel overseas without medical travel insurance, research shows.

Tourists 'lack travel insurance'

Around one in three British people travel overseas lacking the right level of travel insurance , a survey shows.

Cancer patients need the support of friends and family

Support crucial for cancer patients

Cancer patients who feel lonely are far more likely to encounter problems with their treatment plans, a charity has said.

Mosquitoes can spread dangerous diseases such as malaria

Warning over mosquito repellent apps

Smartphone apps which emit ultrasonic frequencies may help keep mosquitoes at bay, but experts warn against using them as standalone repellents.

More than a million people suffering from asthma are missing out on key yearly checks, a charity warns

Warning over annual asthma reviews

A charity is calling on doctors and nurses to ensure asthma sufferers receive their yearly check-up.