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The number of people living with cancer has hit record levels

'Unmanageable' cancer crisis feared

The number of people living with cancer is set to hit record levels this year, Macmillan Cancer Support has said.

Asthma shouldn't stop young people from being active, according to one expert

Many top athletes 'suffer some form of asthma'

Young people shouldn't let respiratory conditions such as asthma hamper their sporting ambitions, according to a report from a British university.

Aspirin can lower the risk of developing skin cancer, researchers say

Aspirin 'can prevent skin cancer'

New research from Australia suggests that regularly taking anti-inflammatory drugs can help lower the risk of developing skin cancer.

The project will collect genomes from 100,000 patients

DNA project to help fight cancer

A £300 million project to map genetic codes of patients could help experts predict and prevent cancers and rare diseases, it is hoped.

Playing chess may help combat dementia

Can crosswords and exercise ward off dementia?

Challenging the brain with crosswords, working out and eating healthily may help the middle-aged stave off dementia in later life, new research suggests.

Living a healthy lifestyle could cut your risk of dementia by a third, claim leading health specialists.

5 steps to ward off dementia

You could reduce your risk of dementia by living a healthy lifestyle, according to leading medical experts.

Asthma: a debilitating condition that is difficult to diagnose

New scan shows if asthma drugs work

Scientists have claimed a new scan could reveal whether asthma sufferers' medication is working.

Older cancer patients are less likely to have surgery, according to a study

Older cancer patients less likely to have surgery

New research has shown that younger cancer patients are more likely to have surgery for their disease than older sufferers.