Amazing World First - the smarter travel insurance company

16 August 2011 15:37

Caroline Elston, from Northampton, was finding buying travel insurance a real nightmare for her trip to Boston USA in March next year. She has renal failure and has to undergo dialysis. As soon as she mentioned this to many insurance companies they would either refuse to insure her or they applied a high premium, quoting between £280 and £340 for a single trip policy.

Her boyfriend did some research on the internet and came across World First Travel Insurance. Caroline got in touch and was thrilled she did. She says, "World First was the only company who asked specific and smart questions about my condition, to properly establish what cover I needed and make sure it was cost effective. The difference between them and the other insurers is amazing. I have full cover for my pre-existing medical condition for just £126.00 - much less than half the price of others."

Caroline wouldn't hesitate to recommend World First Travel Insurance to others, in fact she is going to put information into the next edition of the Kidney Association's monthly newsletter to encourage fellow patients to try us.

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