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Case study - Brenda Edwards

12 March 2010 17:56

Brenda Edwards, aged 78 was very much looking forward to spending Christmas with her daughter in the USA, a trip Brenda has undertaken a number of times before and usually finds fairly straightforward to organise. This time, however, it was proving difficult. Arranging travel insurance looked like it was going to be prohibitively expensive and was in danger of rendering her Christmas holiday unfeasible.

A number of travel insurance companies could not offer Brenda, who has angina, a policy at all, or if they did the policy didn't include cover for angina. Brenda found the whole process incredibly frustrating, she would call a travel insurance company and go through all her details only to be told she had to call another company to complete a long, arduous medical screening process. More often than not, and after a lengthy call, Brenda ended up being told that the company couldn't offer her a policy that included cover for angina. The one company who could offer her a policy including angina quoted almost £1500 for a 19 day trip, as Brenda said, she wanted to buy travel insurance not the country!

Having taught herself to use a computer, Brenda 'googled' angina and travel insurance, World First Travel Insurance came up and she gave them a call. Brenda found World First Travel Insurance incredibly helpful and the process straightforward, she spoke to one person who went through a simple medical screening process and quoted her £260.98 for a comprehensive travel policy that included angina. Brenda was delighted and spent a happy Christmas with her daughter in the USA.

What did Brenda have to say about World First?

I was struggling to find travel insurance for my trip to the States to spend Christmas with my daughter. Like a lot of people my age I have an existing medical condition – angina - one company quoted almost £1500 for 19 days, which I simply couldn't afford. I 'googled' angina and travel insurance, World First Travel Insurance came up so I gave them a call. They couldn't have been more helpful, I spoke to just one person, together we went through a simple medical screening process and they offered me a policy for £260.98 that included cover for angina – I was absolutely delighted.