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Case study - James Jordan

12 March 2010 17:49

James Jordan, aged 77, was planning a trip to Washington DC to see his daughter; his last visit was for Christmas 2008. Despite having angina, James had always found purchasing travel insurance fairly straightforward. But this time was different; he called the company he’d used last year, only to find out that even though his circumstances hadn’t changed they wouldn’t insure him. He was told that all insurers had tightened up and that this company were not issuing policies to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Feeling increasingly frustrated, James went on to apply for insurance with more than 80 insurers. Only two offered cover but they required premiums of £1,500 and £2,500 for the three-week trip which meant that the trip to see his daughter was looking unlikely. Finally, James came across World First Travel Insurance, after going through a straightforward medical screening process they offered him a policy, including cover for his heart condition, for £275.

Being of a cautious nature, James wondered if this insurance was just too good to be true so he wrote to Gill Charlton at the Daily Telegraph asking her to check out World First Travel Insurance. Following Gill's glowing report in the Daily Telegraph 23 October 2009, James happily purchased his travel insurance.

What does Mr Jordon have to say about his dealings with World First:

"I want to visit the United States to see my daughter, I am 77 and have angina and high cholesterol and was recently treated for skin cancer. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have had great difficulty finding travel insurance cover. I applied to more than 80 insurers. Only two offered cover but they required premiums of £1,500 and £2,500 for the three-week trip. Finally, I came across World First, a friendly Devon-based company, which offered me cover, including for my heart condition, for £275.