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Case study - Louise Jones

12 March 2010 17:34

Louise Jones was planning a Christmas holiday in Canada with her ten year old daughter, Katy. Louise already had a family travel insurance policy so she thought that was one thing she didn't need to organise; the policy had been taken out before her daughter was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour, a year ago. When Louise checked with the company that they would cover Katy she was shocked to discover they wouldn't.

Undeterred, Louise set out to find another insurance company, she called numerous companies and went through their lengthy and complicated medical questionnaires. As soon as the words 'brain' and 'North America' were mentioned she was refused insurance. Determined that they would go on their Christmas holiday, Louise contacted the charity CLIC Sargent who care for children and young people with cancer and they provided her with a list of travel insurance companies they give to families looking to take their children on holiday.

However, numerous calls later and Louise was still no further forward, the only quote Louise had was for £2500. This was despite the fact that Louise had a letter from the hospital where Katy had been treated to say that Katy was fit to travel and as was at no more risk of suffering any medical complaint than the rest of the family.

Thankfully, a family member mentioned World First Travel Insurance and Louise gave them a call. She found the whole process easy and sensible. World First's medical screening process enabled them to understand exactly what Katy’s medical history meant and that she was at no more risk than anyone else. They were able to offer Louise a family policy for £113.54 for 20 days, over £2000 less than her other quote!

Louise is delighted with the service she's received with World First Travel and delighted that family holidays are now firmly back on her agenda.

What did Louise and Katy have to say about World First?

"My ten year old daughter Katy was diagnosed with a brain tumour a year ago. Thankfully, the tumour has been removed and the hospital she was treated at has declared her fit to travel and at no more risk of suffering a medical complaint than the rest us. But this didn't seem to make much difference to the numerous travel insurance companies I contacted to purchase a policy for our Christmas holiday in Canada. I was beginning to think that family holidays would be a thing of the past. But thankfully I came across World First Travel Insurance, their medical screening process was sensible and straightforward. They offered us a policy for £113.54 for 20 days a massive £2000 less than my other quote!"