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Case study - Mrs Hunter

07 May 2010 16:19

Mrs Hunter from Cumbria was looking for a single trip travel insurance policy for her mother-in-law for a holiday to the USA. After contacting a number of insurance providers she was losing hope of finding a policy for under £500. Her mother-in-law needed the policy for their holiday so the family had resigned themselves to thinking that they would have to pay a huge price for the policy.

A friend of Mrs Hunter showed her a reference to World First Travel Insurance in the money pages of a newspaper, so she decided to give them a call.

"We had not been able to find a reasonable quote from any other insurance providers." Said Mrs Hunter. "We knew that we had to take out a policy for the trip and had decided that this would have to be the last time my mother-in-law would travel, as it was so expensive.

"A friend showed me a newspaper article that mentioned World First Travel Insurance as a specialist travel insurance provider, so I decided to give them a call to see if they could give us a better quote.

"The people on the end of the phone we really helpful and I was really pleased and surprised with the quote they gave me, which was so much cheaper than any other insurance company.

"World First gave us a much better deal which meant we saved more than £300. This means that we will be able to take out another policy in the future and it also means that my mother-in-law will be able to holiday again, something we thought wouldn’t be possible.

"I will certainly be contacting World First again when we need travel insurance."