All Policies Include Coronavirus Cover

Charity Trustee urges members to double check they have adequate cover

17 February 2011 12:00

Mr Emmerson, a trustee of Headway, a charity for people who have had a brain injury, and himself a haemophiliac, thinks people often assume they have adequate cover from a 'standard travel insurance policy' only to discover, sometimes too late, they do not.

Mr Emmerson says, "I urge people to be very explicit about anything that an insurance company could deem has an impact on their health. For example someone who had a brain injury many years ago and failed to mention it, if they were to have a fall on holiday their insurers might say it was related and contest their claim."

World First Travel Insurance was recommended at a Haemophiliac Society conference that Mr Emmerson attended several years ago. Now he always heads straight to World First when looking for travel insurance. He says, "I can't recommend World First Travel Insurance highly enough. I always find their staff extremely professional, thorough and courteous. World First policies are very comprehensive and often cost a fraction of those from other insurers."

Mr Emmerson most recently used World First Travel Insurance for an eight week trip to Goa where he also did some charity work. He concludes, "It's always a pleasure to deal with World First, to put it quite simply they are brilliant!"