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Lynne Harrison cancer travel insurance case study

28 June 2010 16:45

Lynne Harrison was diagnosed with breast cancer early in 2009 and underwent quite a year with a continual stream of operations, chemo and medications.  So, when in 2010 the doctors confirmed her positive response to the treatments and her recovery, her husband Dave decided to celebrate and give them both a break with a holiday to the States.

What could be easier?  Getting decent, affordable travel insurance it seems. 

Dave and Lynne own a post office, so they started by trying to buy ‘in-house’. However, the post office would not cover Lynne’s condition. Dave then tried an insurance broker who recommended two further companies, neither of which would cover Lynne for the holiday.

Dave tried about a dozen companies, including Saga, which either could not cover the Harrison’s or were prohibitively expensive (Saga came in at over £450).  Dave began to despair before he came across mention of World First Travel Insurance during an internet search.

From the outset the difference could not have been more obvious.  Because of Lynne’s condition, Dave preferred to get the quote over the phone, and the adviser he spoke to was courteous, professional and helpful.  Most importantly she came up with a reasonable quote.  Until coming across World First, the Harrison’s only thought of purchasing a single trip policy to keep costs down, but as World First quoted £166 for Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance, the Harrison’s managed to buy cover for the whole year. 

The Harrison’s knew that comprehensive travel insurance which also covered Lynne’s condition was critical if they were going to have peace of mind during their trip to the US, but in finding World First they managed to buy peace of mind for the whole year and experience excellent customer service in the process.

What did Dave have to say about World First?

“From the moment the World First adviser answered the phone, I knew I was on to a winner.  It was like a breath of fresh air.  She was helpful, friendly and sympathetic to Lynne’s condition, whilst remaining highly professional throughout.  Most importantly World First offered us a policy which gives us the peace of mind we need should Lynne need any treatment whilst in the US, and did so at a price which was very affordable.  Not only that, every other insurance company we phoned, and we phoned over a dozen, could only offer us single trip insurance (if they could cover us at all). 

At World First we managed to by an Annual Multi-Trip policy at £300 less than the nearest single trip quote.”