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Malaysia trip made possible by World First Travel Insurance

26 September 2011 12:02

The Bartlett family of Essex

The Bartlett family of Essex

The Bartlett family of Essex were getting tremendously excited about all of them getting on a plane together for the first time and jetting off to Malaysia to visit their Auntie, Mum Caroline’s sister, who moved out there two months ago for work.

There seemed to be just one obstacle, Caroline's youngest son Max was born prematurely and, as a result, has chronic lung disease.

Caroline had spent ages trying to get travel insurance. Many companies simply refused to insure Max. Others would cover four family members for just £100 but when Max was included his premium alone would be between £500-600 extra.

Caroline came across World First Travel Insurance as they are the No.#1 recommendation for travel insurance on the British Lung Foundation website.

She got in touch via the customer helpline. The advisor she spoke to took her through many question with kindness and patience. She found our whole approach was very different. The questions asked were far more intelligent and discerning. The way other insurers asked 'stock' questions always seemed to get a negative response, such as "Has your son ever or in the last five years been in intensive care and had oxygen?" Well Max is coming up to four years old so the answer was inevitably yes, as he went into the ICU and had oxygen when he was born.

World First asked if Max had been in intensive care or had oxygen administered at home in the last two years, which would better establish his current health and needs. Thankfully the answer is no.

More detailed information on which to base the quote enabled World First to offer an annual worldwide (excluding USA, Canada and Caribbean) multi-trip policy for just £160 for the whole family - Mum, Dad and three boys who are nine, seven and three. The Bartletts are overjoyed.

Mum, Caroline says, "We are delighted with World First who really turned the whole situation around. The cost of an annual policy was just £20 more than a single policy so we went for it - we'd be daft not to! We will plan more trips when we know how the boys cope with a fourteen hour flight!"