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We’d have cancelled our holiday were it not for World First

04 June 2010 08:14

Alison Hall from Northumberland was planning a family holiday to Tunisia in July.  Two months before the holiday her father, Mr Seccombe, broke his shoulder and had to receive hospital treatment.

Knowing the holiday was only a short time away Alison contacted her father’s current travel insurance providers to advise them of the change of medical history ahead of the renewal in June.  The company advised Alison that, as a result of the recent medical treatment, they were no longer able to insure her father.

On a visit to the hospital one of the doctors gave Alison details of a number of travel insurance providers that cover pre-existing medical conditions, World First Travel Insurance was one of the insurance companies on the list.

“I started calling all of the insurance companies on the list.” Said Alison, “I told them about my dad’s medical history and his recent accident and I was amazed how expensive the premiums were.

“Some of the companies couldn’t provide cover at all, some said they would cover his baggage but not him and others were so expensive we actually thought about cancelling the holiday.  The most expensive quote was almost £700 for a single trip policy, I couldn’t believe it. I knew it would be a bit more expensive than usual because of the recent accident but I didn’t expect that.

“I contacted World First Travel Insurance and expected much of the same.  The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful and the process of getting the quote was easy.  I was so surprised when he gave me my quote, it was just £180.84.  That was on a par with our other insurance policy that we booked with the holiday, and we don’t have any medical conditions.

“Everything about booking the policy with World First has been first rate.  The policy documents arrived the other day and even down to the detail with the policy documents, everything is so easy to understand. The information is so much better than the information my dad had from his previous insurers.

“Next time we book a holiday I certainly won’t book the insurance as part of the package, I’ll get in touch with World First Travel Insurance as I know they will give me the best policy at the best price.”