All Policies Include Coronavirus Cover

World First insurance means I can continue to visit my children in Singapore and Canada

17 February 2011 11:54

Mr Vinden had never suffered ill health and thought he had indigestion when experiencing some discomfort whilst on holiday in Canada in September 2010. Reflecting on his experience during the long flight back to the UK he decided to visit his GP on his return. He was sent for an ECG which found he actually had a mild heart attack and was diagnosed with a heart condition. He was stunned.

He contacted his existing travel insurance company to advise them of his medical condition thinking they would increase his premium. He was extremely alarmed when they were not able to insure him at all.

Mr Vinden's next step was to speak to his broker, who told him he would be unlikely to get travel insurance to cover his condition. This was devastating news, with his daughter living in Singapore and his son in Canada, being unable to visit them was too much to bear.

Mr Vinden then read an article in The Telegraph about a couple that, despite health problems, had travelled abroad with insurance from World First Travel Insurance. He got in contact straight away.

He was really impressed with World First's call centre staff, who were very professional, thorough and polite. He answered all the very comprehensive questions openly and honestly and was absolutely delighted that World First could provide him cover for his heart condition, hypertension and high cholesterol. Mr Vinden’s annual policy with World First covers him for only £134.28 and includes travel to the USA.

Mr Vinden says "I am absolutely delighted with World First. They have enabled me to maintain my lifestyle and continue to visit my children regularly. I am planning trips this year to Ireland, to Singapore in June to see my daughter and to Canada in September to see my son. I am so happy to be able to do this, with full confidence in the excellent policy and service I have received from World First."