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World First provide excellent cover for avid backpackers

26 July 2012 12:25

Mr and Mrs Steer both agree, "We feel we are in very safe hands with World First..."

Mr and Mrs Steer both agree, "We feel we are in very safe hands with World First..."

Mr and Mrs Steer, from Bristol, have just renewed their travel insurance policy for the third time with World First. Again they have taken out a single trip long stay backpacker policy as they spend up to six months at a time visiting an orphanage in Mozambique and lending a hand.

Mrs Steer is a nurse and Mr Steer is an IT engineer and computer programmer. They both share their expertise to help train up and equip disadvantaged children and teenagers. Improving the youngsters' health and first aid knowledge and IT skills gives them the opportunity of a better future.

But on the last trip Mr Steer had an accident, not related to his work, when he was on the roof at his place of residence putting up cables to improve the internet connection. The asbestos sheet roof was several years old and had been become brittle in the intense heat and sunshine of South Africa. He'd been up on the roof for sometime but then stepped away from the beam beneath, the sheeting broke and he fell through, seriously hurting his back and head and suffering cuts and bruises.

Mrs Steer assessed her husband's injuries and got him taken to the hospital's trauma centre, an hour's drive away. He was admitted and scans and x-rays were taken of his head, spine and body and various tests performed to establish the extent of his injuries. He was in a lot of pain and discomfort so was put on intramuscular painkillers.

The hospital was very well equipped, with the latest technology and care plans. Mr Steer fortunately did not need surgery but started a course of electromagnetic impulse therapy. He made excellent progress and was discharged, with oral painkillers and wearing a neck brace, within in a few days. Arrangements were made for him and his wife to stay in a nearby hotel so he could continue to rest and return each day for his course of therapy.

Within 10 days Mr and Mrs Steer were able to return to Zimpeto to complete their visit. Mr Steer took on lighter duties, overseeing IT work and training for a couple of months. They have now come back to the UK but will travel back out to Mozambique for a last trip of six months. Mr Steer still has some symptoms from his injuries, damage to his nerve endings is still repairing, areas of scarring are still sensitive but miraculously he doesn't suffer from any headaches.

Mr and Mrs Steer both agree, "We feel we are in very safe hands with World First. The policy you provided us with got us excellent care and attention when we needed it. We are returning to Zimpeto, to the Iris Ministries orphanage, in June with absolute trust and confidence in our travel insurance."