All Policies Include Coronavirus Cover

World First succeeds where so many others failed...

04 July 2011 10:42

Mr and Mrs Norris from Lancashire love to travel but had all but given up in trying to buy a cheap annual travel insurance policy because of Mr Norris's recently diagnosed atrial flutter. Mr Norris 68 had a mild stroke 18 years ago but considered himself in good health. He was shocked that in a routine check up in November, his GP told him he had an irregular heartbeat.

When they came to buy travel insurance with cover for Mr Norris's pre-existing medical condition they were refused by dozens of companies. Lots of sympathetic friends provided well-meant advice but Mrs Norris was tired of being turned away. She thought there only hope was to get a single trip policy.

Mr Norris had a chance conversation with a neighbour who was in remission from prostate cancer and had got a great deal with World First. Mrs Norris decided to give it a try while she was online; she enjoys researching purchases on the internet but won't carry out transactions or make payments. She filled out the questionnaire online and got a quote for £150 for single trip insurance for them both, but then came to a bit of a dead end, so she decided to call the Customer Service number.

A friendly, professional adviser took Mrs Norris through the questionnaire and discussed her husband's health in more detail. Mrs Norris was thrilled when the adviser confirmed World First could offer an annual multi-trip policy with cover for her husband's heart condition for just £327.00.

Mrs Norris, "We were so relieved to find appropriate travel insurance having tried so many other companies. World First offers great value, no nonsense travel insurance and dealing with them has been so easy. I would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone."


Mr and Mrs Norris plan to make the most of their annual travel insurance policy with a holiday booked in Cyprus in September and plans to go to Gran Canaria early next year.