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Press enquiry contacts - Tristan Rothwell

Tristan Rothwell

Tristan Rothwell

Social Media

Tristan is responsible for the company's social media presence and online activity, including Facebook, Twitter and the World First Blog.

Tristan, brother of Managing Partner Martin Rothwell, has returned to his roots in the south west, and the family business, having spent the past 15 years working as a Futures Trader in the City.

To maintain the social media profile and build on the growth already achieved, Tristan will 'tweet', 'share', 'star', 'like' and '+1' in all the right places. Tristan also writes a monthly feature summarising the best posts from the travel blogosphere.

World First followers will contact Tristan direct to keep tabs on the latest travel news and greatest travel stories, which occasionally come direct from World First's travel blog.