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More travel insurance options for people with pre-existing medical conditions

02 March 2012 15:28

World First Travel Insurance has been providing specialist cover for medical conditions since 1973

World First Travel Insurance has been providing specialist cover for medical conditions since 1973

Travel insurance specialists, World First Travel Insurance, has increased the boundaries for providing travel insurance cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions, meaning they can now offer quality travel insurance to more travellers with medical conditions than ever before.

The increase in the medical travel insurance boundaries means thousands more travellers who are living with, or have recently recovered from, a serious medical condition can get the cover they need to travel safely.

If you declare a medical condition when taking out a travel insurance policy, your insurer will ask you to complete their medical screening – a series of questions about your health and medical history. The answers to these questions determine whether or not your insurer can cover you and how much you will pay for it.

It is worth noting that different insurers use different screening software and therefore are able to provide different types and level of cover, particularly in relation to pre-existing medical conditions.

Many of the intermediaries in the travel insurance industry use screening tools, which primarily ask questions based on the treatment you are receiving, or have received, for your condition. But World First are using an alternative system that allows the customer service advisors to ask detailed questions that are based on stability and in many cases are considered more relevant for the customer and their particular medical conditions. It means travellers can give a true picture of their health and fitness, which can sometimes result in staggering savings on the cost of the policy, compared to other insurers.

The system works on a scoring system; once the medical screening is complete the software turns the responses into a score. That score then provides World First with a number of key pieces of information – most importantly, whether or not they can provide cover. This is what is known as the 'risk rating'. The recent development to the service means World First can now accept customers with a higher risk rating than those they have covered before.

Martin Rothwell, Managing Partner of World First Travel Insurance said, "Our medical screening software allows us to make sensible insurance decisions based on the stability of your condition. So, unlike some insurers, we won't force you to pay over the odds for something minor that hasn’t troubled you recently. And because we've expanded our risk threshold, there's now an even better chance you can get affordable pre-existing medical travel insurance with World First."

World First Travel Insurance has been providing specialist cover for medical conditions since 1973. The family run company was the first insurer in the UK to create a policy that covered travellers with HIV and it now insures thousands of other medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease and epilepsy.

You can get an instant quote on our website, just search online for World First Travel Insurance. Or call the UK-based customer service team on 0345 90 80 161.