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Travellers spend longer researching their travel insurance quote than it takes to fly to Greece

14 July 2010 16:27

Travel insurance specialist, World First, has found that travellers with specific insurance requests can spend more than six hours getting the right travel insurance quote, longer than it takes to fly from the UK to Greece. 

World First has calculated that customers seeking more complex travel insurance make an average of 12 calls to insurance companies before finding the right cover.   With an average call and medical screening taking up to 25 minutes and web based searches around 15 minutes, it is easy to see how much time can be wasted trying to find the best policy.

Feedback from World First’s customers shows that many of them start with basic web searches and then call a number of insurance companies to get the best quote.  One such customer, 77 year old James Jordan was planning a trip to Washington DC to see his daughter.

Despite having angina, Mr Jordan had always found purchasing travel insurance fairly straightforward. But this time was different; he called the company he’d insured with the year before, only to find out they would no longer insure him. He was told that all insurers had tightened up and that this company were not issuing policies to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Feeling increasingly frustrated, Mr Jordan went on to apply for insurance with more than 80 different insurance companies. Only two offered cover but they required premiums of £1,500 and £2,500 for the three-week trip.

Mr Jordan found his best quote from World First Travel Insurance, after going through a straightforward medical screening process they offered him a policy, including cover for his heart condition, for £275.

World First has a long track record of providing cover for older travellers, up to the age of 100 for single trip , and for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Its premiums are often significantly (sometimes hundreds of pounds) cheaper than the nearest most competitive quote. 

Before taking out the policy with World First Mr Jordan wrote to Gill Charlton at the Daily Telegraph asking her to check out World First Travel Insurance, as it seemed too good to be true.  Following reassurance in Gill’s report Mr Jordan purchased his travel insurance.

Managing Partner, Martin Rothwell is advising customers that they can save time and money if they speak to a travel insurance specialist early on.

“Internet searches are a great for travellers who are looking for standard ‘off the shelf’ travel cover,” comments Martin Rothwell. “They offer a strong starting point and do drive consumers to the best value policies. 

“However, a ‘one size fits all policy’ does not work for everyone and for travellers with specific requirements, the search for the right policy can be a long, arduous and expensive one.  At World First we build our policies around special requirements, and therefore can offer tailor made solutions at great prices.“