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Age is now no barrier for Mrs Smith for cover with World First

12 February 2011 12:26

Mrs Smith, 90, of Essex was absolutely delighted to get her travel insurance from World First Travel Insurance now that they have extended their range of policies from covering those up to 75 to now include people up to the age of 100 years old.

Mrs Smith says, "I first approached World First after reading glowing reports in The Telegraph but at that time they could not insure me because I was over 75. The policy I took out two years ago was so expensive, at nearly £1,000, but I was desperate to see my daughter and her family. When I was booking to see my daughter again the following year I thought I’d just see if things had changed. I was thrilled to find World First could provide me with travel insurance which covered both my advanced years and medical condition."

World First Travel Insurance provided cover for Mrs Smith's three week trip to the Bahamas for £450.

Mrs Smith added "World First Travel Insurance not only offers tremendously good value, they are extremely knowledgeable, professional and have real integrity. The people at World First are so friendly and nice to speak I'd recommended them over and over again."