Financial protection for travellers worried about the collapse of airlines

Financial Protection has become a key requirement for the travellers during this continued period of economic uncertainty.

Travel companies have been especially hit from the recession with falling numbers of bookings and record losses leading to high profile collapses becoming almost a weekly event.

For those who purchase their travel arrangements as a package (where a flight plus another component part of the trip are booked from the same operator) the Governments' ATOL protection should be in place but check with the retailer that this is the case.

For the millions of us who book our travel arrangements separately (e.g. airline tickets with the airline, and accommodation from another source), then there is no state protection in the event of the collapse.

For this reason World First have teamed up with ProtectMyHoliday so that you can get a tailor made financial protection insurance for your travel arrangements in minutes.

In the event of a collapse before your departure you are covered for your lost ticket (so you can re-book and still travel). If an airline collapse occurs whilst you are away you are covered for the additional cost to return home, which is sometimes several times the cost of your original flight.

Premium's start at £5, and security is provided by some of the largest insurers in the world, so peace of mind is guaranteed.