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Selfies and social media have led to a decline in postcard sales

Selfies could be about to make 140-year-old holiday tradition disappear

Sending a postcard from your holiday at the seaside is a treasured memory for many Brits. Now, a 75% decline in postcard sales suggest the tradition could be grinding to a halt.

Thomas Cook says it's the first travel firm to offer the service

Thomas Cook launches 'pick your own room' service

Thomas Cook has launched a new service that will enable holidaymakers to select which hotel room they want, before even boarding a flight.

Ryanair has cancelled up to 50 flights a day for six weeks

Ryanair holds its hands up to cancelled flight nightmare

Thousands of Ryanair flights have been cancelled over the next six weeks, as the airline says it "messed up" allocation of its pilots' annual leave.

The British Virgin islands have also been hit by the devastation of severe global weather

Holidaymakers evacuated as Typhoon Doksuri hits central Vietnam

Holidaymakers are being evacuated as winds up to 200km per hour hit Central Vietnam, with Typhoon Doksuri damaging houses, roads and infrastructure.

Malaria is transmitted by mosquitos in more than 90 countries

Half of Britons risk malaria when travelling

Almost half of UK adults travelling to areas at risk of malaria are not covering themselves by taking medication, despite recommendations made by the NHS and world health organisations.

Virgin Atlantic says it has become the first European airline to offer Wi-Fi across its entire fleet

Wi-Fi in the sky with Virgin

Whether it's binge-watching box-sets, shopping for clothes, chatting to friends or picking up work emails, staying connected is pretty much essential to everyday life.

Luton Airport has been named as the worst in the UK

Luton Airport named as worst in Which? study

London Luton Airport has been named as the worst in the UK after recording the lowest customer satisfaction score, according to a study by Which?.

Scrapping tax on flights for under-30s could help win back younger voters

Cut flight tax to woo younger voters - think tank

Scrapping tax on flights for under-30s could help the Conservatives win back younger voters lost to Labour, a free market think tank has said.

The number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour on flights or at UK airports is on the rise

More arrests over drunk air passengers

More people are being arrested over drunken behaviour on board flights and at airports, according to latest statistics.