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Outside the capital, Manchester is the most visited destination in England

Brits 'favour staycations' in wake of Brexit

Almost three in 10 Britons say their future holidays will be impacted by the UK's vote to leave the EU, a survey has found.

Long haul holidays can work out cheaper than European breaks

Currency rates make far-flung travel more appealing

Long haul holidays could work out cheaper than European breaks, with improved currency rates offering holidaymakers significant savings.

Trips to New Zealand are on the rise

Demand for foreign currency up 60%

Despite the volatile value of the pound in the wake of Brexit, holidaymakers are not put off taking overseas trips - sales figures for currency suggest.

There have been 567 'rescue' flights following Monarch's collapse

Almost 85,000 passengers flown home after Monarch collapse

Almost 85,000 holidaymakers have been flown home as part of the large-scale repatriation scheme in the wake of Monarch's collapse.

Tourist numbers are expected to increase from 1,000 to 59,000 by 2042

First flight to land in remote British territory St Helena

Officials are hoping a new airport on the remote island of St Helena will boost tourism, after spending £285,000 of taxpayer money on the airport's development.

110,000 travellers are stranded as Monarch announced its collapse

More than 100,000 Monarch passengers being flown home

A mammoth rescue operation is underway after more than 100,000 travellers have been left stranded as low-cost carrier Monarch announced its collapse.

Michael O'Leary says the changes 'eliminate all risk'

Ryanair announces 18,000 more cancellations

Ryanair has announced it will be axing a further 18,000 flights over winter, in its bid to roster pilot holidays.

Selfies and social media have led to a decline in postcard sales

Selfies could be about to make 140-year-old holiday tradition disappear

Sending a postcard from your holiday at the seaside is a treasured memory for many Brits. Now, a 75% decline in postcard sales suggest the tradition could be grinding to a halt.

Thomas Cook says it's the first travel firm to offer the service

Thomas Cook launches 'pick your own room' service

Thomas Cook has launched a new service that will enable holidaymakers to select which hotel room they want, before even boarding a flight.