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Plant-based options are commonplace during Veganuary

Plant-based future 'needed to protect planet'

A plant-based diet is needed to protect future generations and safeguard the wellbeing of the planet, according to experts.

The planned expansion has proved controversial

Protests escalate over Heathrow expansion

Campaigners are protesting outside the High Court in London as the legal challenge against Heathrow Airport's controversial expansion ramps up.

Drones have caused disruption at two London airports

Military can't keep 'bailing out' drone-hit airports

All UK airports should buy anti-drone technology and not rely on the Royal Air Force to help out, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has said.

Departures from Heathrow were suspended causing delays

Drone delays hit Heathrow holidaymakers

The military was brought in on Tuesday night after police officers saw a drone operating at Heathrow Airport, forcing departures to be suspended for an hour.

Ryanair changed its hand luggage policy twice in 2018

Revealed: The worst airline in the UK?

Ryanair has been labelled the worst airline operating in the UK for the sixth year running in a leading consumer group survey.

Significant disruption was caused at Gatwick before Christmas by drones

London airports to invest in anti-drone tech

Anti-drone technology will be deployed at the UK's two busiest airports in response to the disruption caused before Christmas.

Air passengers from Northern Ireland are the most satisfied

Dissatisfaction grows for air travellers

The number of travellers satisfied with flying has fallen over the last two years over frustration with how airlines handle complaints, new research reveals.

The ages of those detained ranged from 17 to 61

Hundreds of air passengers arrested for drunkenness

Nearly 300 travellers have been arrested over the past two years for being drunk at an airport or on a plane.

Drones caused chaos at Gatwick Airport

Drone owners warned against lawbreaking

People who received drones as Christmas presents are being warned against using them dangerously, following the recent chaos at London Gatwick.