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Too much time sat in front of the box can lead to diabetes, researchers warn

Too much sitting 'linked to diabetes'

People at a high risk of developing diabetes are 3.4% more likely to get it for every hour in the day they spend sitting in front of their TV set, according to a new study.

Binge drinking is costing taxpayers money, research shows

Warning over excess drinking impact

Binge drinking is driving up the risk of people developing certain costly medical conditions.

Jamie Oliver is starting a global healthy eating education campaign

Oliver: Teach kids healthy eating skills

TV chef Jamie Oliver wants people's help to put pressure on the governments of the world to solve a global obesity problem.

Holidaymakers could face road jams en route to airports this Easter

Holidaymakers warned of Easter hold-ups

British holidaymakers flying abroad for the great Easter exodus could face long delays before they even arrive at the airport, experts are warning.

Poorer families risk missing out on holidays together, experts suggest

Holidays 'beneficial' to youngsters

Thousands of children will miss out on family holidays due to strict new rules on taking pupils out of school in term time, it has been suggested.

Brits are spending their leftover cash on holidays

Leftover cash 'funding holidays'

Britons are busy planning holidays as they look to spend their growing pots of leftover money each month.

Foreign languages have an image problem

Languages 'neglected in schools'

Learning a second language can help you at work and at play and is even good for your brain, so why are pupils and schools shunning the option?

Children's meals contain too much salt, data suggests

'Too much salt' in children's meals

Children are still eating too much salt, putting them at risk of developing serious health problems in later life, data suggests.

Uninsured travellers can be left out of pocket

Insurance warning for travellers

British holidaymakers jetting off to sunnier climes in Europe this year are being urged to be prepared.