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Scientists found the drug DFMO can prevent memory loss in mice

Alzheimer's 'cured' in mice trial

A drug currently being trialled to treat cancer has been shown to potentially prevent Alzheimer's disease in mice.

A charity has called for better breast cancer awareness

Women 'delaying breast cancer exams'

Every year thousands of UK women put off getting breast cancer symptoms checked, according to the latest figures.

Having type 1 diabetes may involve regular insulin injections

Childhood stress 'may raise diabetes risk'

The risk of developing type 1 diabetes could be up to three times lower for people who have a stress-free childhood than for those who experience a bereavement or parental split, the results of a new study suggest.

It is now illegal for any shop to have cigarettes on display

Health experts welcome tobacco display ban

It is now illegal for retailers of any kind to display tobacco products, with a ban applying to small shops from this week.

A new study has highlighted the cancer-beating benefits of older age fitness

Fitness 'boosts cancer survival chances'

Older men have been told that regular exercise can help them improve their chances of surviving cancer.

A new blood test could boost prostate cancer treatments

Blood test hope for cancer patients

Scientists say a new blood test could be used to fight prostate cancer on two fronts.

A charity has raised concerns over UK cancer survival rates

Warning over cancer survival rates

The UK is 10 years behind other countries in the European Union when it comes to cancer survival rates, according to a charity.

Specialist travel insurance is available to bowel cancer patients

Bowel cancer breakthrough hailed

Improved treatment for bowel cancer could be in sight after scientists found a link between the genetic changes in tumours and the responses they trigger in the body's immune system.

A charity has called for more support for people living with prostate cancer

Call for prostate cancer support

More support is needed for the 30,000 men who are living with terminal prostate cancer in the UK, a new report says.