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The Government is investing more in cancer diagnostics

Cancer diagnoses promised in 28 days

Patients who may have cancer should know either way within four weeks of a GP referral from 2020, under new Government plans.

The test identifies common gene mutations linked to cancer

Cancer blood test 'is a game changer'

A new blood test could lead to quicker cancer diagnosis, meaning the possibility of earlier treatment.

Middle class people's health can suffer from work pressures

Middle class lives 'being cut short'

Middle class Britons can expect to have eight fewer years of healthy life than the most advantaged in society, according to a top doctor's new research.

Statins can cause a range of side-effects, doctors warn

Call to give patients choice over statins

Doctors are calling for patients to have a greater say in whether or not they take statins.

A blood test could identify those at risk of developing Alzheimer's

Blood test can show 'biological age'

A blood test has been developed that could show how quickly people are ageing - and whether they are at risk of getting dementia.

The number of nurses specialising in breast cancer has stagnated in recent years

Warning over breast cancer nurses

The number of nurses trained to treat breast cancer patients is failing to keep pace with the increasing numbers of those suffering the disease, a charity has claimed.

Biscuits can contain high levels of saturated fat

Heart warning over saturated fat

Eating too many cakes, biscuits and pastries could increase people's chances of suffering heart disease, new research suggests.

Exercise may reduce the chances of people getting dementia

'Few' know exercise cuts dementia risk

Nearly two in three UK people do not know that regular physical activity can lower their chances of getting dementia.

UK hospitals treated nearly 188,000 heart attack victims last year

Warning over impact of heart attacks

Almost 10,000 Britons under the age of 65 were killed by heart attacks last year, according to new figures from a leading charity.