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Researchers say pancreatic cancer is four separate diseases

Pancreatic cancer study 'very exciting'

Pancreatic cancer is actually four separate diseases with different survival rates and underlying genetic causes, new research shows.

Going for a scan can be time-consuming

Pregnant women 'could appoint own midwives'

Mums-to-be should all be allocated a budget to spend on NHS maternity services, a new review says.

New cancer data shows mixed news

Cancer death rates down by a tenth

Cancer death rates in the UK have fallen significantly over the course of the last decade, new figures show.

Many young diabetics are missing important tests and check ups

'More help needed' for young diabetics

Younger people with diabetes need better access to healthcare services to help them manage their condition, claims a charity.

The WHO has joined those calling for a sugar tax

Sugar tax 'could tackle obesity problems'

A sugar tax on soft drinks is needed to help tackle the issue of childhood obesity, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Alzheimer's prescriptions hit three million in 2014

Alzheimer's prescriptions hit three million

Doctors in England are prescribing six times more drugs to treat Alzheimer's disease compared to a decade ago.

The protein helps aggressive tumours spread

Protein identified which helps cancer spread

Researchers have identified a protein which spreads cancer around the body using non-cancerous cells.

Cancer Research UK wants a sugar tax

Cancer warning over obesity 'crisis'

Britain's obesity problems could lead to a surge in new cancer cases over the next 20 years unless urgent action is taken, warns a charity.

Type 2 diabetes is linked to unhealthy lifestyles, including obesity

Diabetes total hits 4 million in UK

More than four million people in the UK are now living with diabetes, according to new figures.