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Evidence suggests eating for two in early pregnancy is not necessary

Eating for two 'may cause weight issues'

Mums-to-be who eat for two may end up struggling to lose weight after having their baby, because of digestive changes during pregnancy, a new study suggests.

Vending machines should include healthier drink and food, says Nice

Call for healthier vending machines

A new seven-point plan to tackle child obesity includes healthier hospital, clinic and state-run leisure centre vending machine options.

Those with cancer can still benefit from holidays abroad

Drug may tackle premature breast cancer deaths

Oestrogen-suppressing drugs significantly reduce the risk of premature death from breast cancer, researchers claim.

Music could be beneficial to dementia sufferers

Music 'may help to manage dementia'

Music therapy could be the most effective way of helping people with Alzheimer's disease or other kinds of dementia to manage their symptoms, research suggests.

Ways to improve cancer care have been outlined by an independent taskforce

Cancer strategy 'could save 30,000 lives'

A 'radical' shake-up of how cancer is diagnosed and treated could save 30,000 lives a year, NHS England claims.

Holidays can benefit people whatever stage of life they are at

Alzheimer's 'may affect brains differently'

African-American Alzheimer's disease sufferers may need different treatments from European-originated white Americans, new research suggests.

Around 41,200 women in England are diagnosed with breast cancer every year

Women 'unaware' of breast cancer signs

Older women risk not noticing breast cancer due to a lack of knowledge about symptoms, experts warn.

Researchers are aiming to 'soften up' cancer cells

Researchers aim to 'soften up' cancer cells

A new drug mix could soften up cancers for a final chemotherapy-induced knock-out blow, while lessening the chance of side-effects, early tests suggest.

Breast cancer patients could benefit from having progesterone added to their treatment, data suggests

Hormone hope for breast cancer

Breast cancer outlooks could be improved by having a widely available female hormone added to treatments, research suggests.