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Concerns have been raised over the calorie count of alcohol

Alcohol calorie info 'can fight obesity'

The compulsory inclusion of calorie counts on labelling for beers, wines and spirits would boost the battle against obesity, a public health organisation claims.

Obesity in pregnant women may be having an effect in terms of diabetes

Call for better education to curb diabetes

Researchers have called for better public health strategies, after it was discovered that some children born to parents with diabetes stand a greater chance of having the condition.

Swollen neck glands could indicate lymphoma

Warning over swollen neck glands

Persistent swollen neck glands could be a sign of cancer, it has been warned.

Scientists have found an alternative treatment to radiotherapy

Implant trial success for prostate patients

Prostate cancer patients treated with radioactive implants have an improved chance of survival, according to a new study.

Bad diets are the main cause of obesity, researchers say

Eating habits 'main factor' behind obesity

The main factor behind why people become obese is what they eat, and not that they do not get enough exercise, according to a new study.

More needs to be done to spot bowel cancer cases earlier, a charity says

Calls to spot bowel cancer earlier

Identifying more bowel cancer cases at an earlier stage will not only save thousands of lives but millions of pounds too, according to a charity.

Harry Derbidge is fronting the new campaign

Men given cancer check reminder

Men take as much pride in their looks as their female counterparts these days, with a third spending just under an hour in front of the mirror.

Scientists found the drug DFMO can prevent memory loss in mice

Alzheimer's 'cured' in mice trial

A drug currently being trialled to treat cancer has been shown to potentially prevent Alzheimer's disease in mice.

A charity has called for better breast cancer awareness

Women 'delaying breast cancer exams'

Every year thousands of UK women put off getting breast cancer symptoms checked, according to the latest figures.