Too many older people are "suffering in silence" when things go wrong with their NHS care, the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman  has said.

Concerns over care of elderly relatives

18 August 2017 09:41

Relatives of older people receiving NHS care have raised concerns over some of the treatment.

Experts have warned about the number of over-65s facing urgent dental conditions

Warning over 'urgent' dental problems of over-65s

Older people are being "let down" when it comes to access to dental care, experts have warned.

A charity has called for better support for breast cancer patients after treatment ends

Breast cancer patients 'need better support'

A charity has called for women who have been treated for breast cancer to be given better support once treatment ends.

The number of passengers arrested for drunken behaviour on flights or at UK airports is on the rise

More arrests over drunk air passengers

More people are being arrested over drunken behaviour on board flights and at airports, according to latest statistics.

Theresa May's Tories have been criticised over their record on cancer waiting times

Cancer patients being let down - Labour

Labour has criticised the way in which cancer patients and their families have been treated under the Conservative Government.

Tiny gold particles could help treat cancer, researchers say

Cancer treatment worth weight in gold

The precious metal, gold, is a familiar sight in jewellery adorning the body but it could also play a role in treating cancers that grow inside the body.

BA is to fly direct to Nashville, Tennessee

BA launches direct flights to Nashville

Nashville is the capital of country and has for years attracted music-loving holidaymakers to its vibrant bars and venues.

Pilot in cockpit.

Could we see pilot-less flights?

We've all seen self-driving cars in the news in recent years but would you step on board a passenger plane that didn't have a pilot?

The teenager had been on the beach at Melbourne

Tiny sea 'bugs' attack teen's feet

Marine experts have disagreed over the identity of the creatures that attacked the feet of a teenager who was relaxing in the sea in Australia.

Six-figure overseas medical bills are not uncommon, ABI says

UK travellers face six-figure overseas medical bills - ABI

Medical bills which run into six-figure territory are "not uncommon" for British holidaymakers who end up needing emergency medical treatment abroad, travel insurers say.

British Airways cabin crew protest outside the Civil Aviation Authority

Cabin crews to strike over August bank holiday

British Airways mixed fleet cabin crew will strike for a further two weeks this month, including the August bank holiday, in a long-running pay dispute.

Almost all men over 60 and women over 75 may be eligible for statins

Almost all older people eligible for statins - report

New analysis suggests that almost all men over 60 and women over 75 are eligible for the cholesterol-lowing drugs, statins.

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