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A tropical beach in the Seychelles

5 secret island paradises

22 July 2021 08:46

Escape it all with a visit to one of the world's hidden island gems.

Get ready to make the most of Malta

5 must-sees in Malta

It's time for some Mediterranean sun and unforgettable sights. Here are five of our favourite must-sees in Malta.

Take the famous wooden stairs to the sparkling water at Praia do Camilo.

The best beaches in Portugal

Take your pick of the best beaches in Portugal, spanning more than 500 miles of the Portuguese coastline.

Young backpacker enjoying the sights abroad.

What to expect when travelling to and from green list countries

Holidays are back but not quite as we know them. Here's a quick guide to what to expect when travelling to and from green list countries.

Find inspiration for your next floral escape

The 5 best places to see spring bloom

From tulip-filled trips to rose-tinged rests, these destinations are the perfect way to see in the new season.

All Rhodes lead to Ancient Greece

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Colossus of Rhodes, Greece

Join us on a journey to Ancient Greece to discover more about history's most revered statue.

Take a front row tent at Earth's greatest light show

Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Aurora Borealis

Head north for a light show like no other. Discover how you can see the Northern Lights for yourself.

The world's widest falls await

Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Discover more about the magnificent waterfall perched on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Scale the Americas' youngest volcano

Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Parícutin, Mexico

Don't sleep on the world's most impressive dormant volcano.

Feel on top of the world in Nepal

Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Mount Everest, Nepal

A destination that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Scale Sugarloaf Mountain for panoramic views of Guanabara Bay

Natural Wonders of the World: Rio de Janeiro Harbour, Brazil

Take a tour of one of South America's most captivating natural landscapes.

See the canyon formed over millions of years

Natural Wonders of the World: Grand Canyon, USA

Discover the hidden depths of the world's most recognisable desert gorge.