Just 32 of 1,400 patients were suitable for a second transplant

Woman celebrates 35 years since first heart transplant

24 November 2017 09:25

The world's longest surviving heart transplant patient is celebrating the 35th anniversary of receiving her first new heart.

Cardiovascular events include heart failure and strokes

Moderate physical activity can improve over-65's heart health

Older people who partake in even light exercise can see their risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke significantly reduced, a study has found.

One in 33 patients were diagnosed with cancer as part of the pilot

Car park cancer screening could improve early detection

Mobile cancer screening units in shopping centre car parks are to be rolled out across the UK, aimed at improving early detection rates of the disease.

The RespiraSense can detect sepsis, pneumonia and cardiac arrest

NHS digital innovations could save lives

The NHS has released a list of groundbreaking devices it intends to roll out across England.

Dog ownership could improve the health of 1.1 million Brits

Dog owners are healthier, study finds

Owning a dog could be the key to reducing the risk of heart attacks and other potentially terminal diseases, according to a major new study.

It's estimated 8,000 women could benefit from the drugs

Approval of 'breakthrough' drugs give hope to breast cancer sufferers

Women diagnosed with untreatable breast cancer are being given fresh hope, with the approval of two new "breakthrough" medicines for widespread use across England's health service.

Heart failure occurs when the heart is too week to pump blood around the body

Coffee and plant-based diet can reduce risk of heart failure, say scientists

A diet of fruit, veg and coffee could be the latest step in reducing the risk of heart failure, scientists say.

Around 63% of Brits are overweight, the OECD has said

NHS uses gadgets to combat Type 2 diabetes crisis

Obese people are to be given fitbit-style wristbands to reduce the number of Type 2 diabetes diagnoses.

Double amputee Paul Johnson will set sail off Gran Canaria

Double amputee prepares for sailing adventure

A young man who had both his legs amputated after being electrocuted is not only walking again, but is about to set sail on a global adventure.

Cancer Research UK says cervical cancer is 100% preventable

HPV vaccine slashes number of smear tests needed

Women who have been inoculated against human papillomavirus (HPV) can attend 75% fewer cervical screenings, a new study has found.

Swedish patients have the longest appointment lengths, the study finds

Brits 'missing out on GP time compared with other countries'

Britons are afforded less face-to-face time with their GP than dozens of other developed nations, a new study has found.

It's estimated that one in four British adults are obese

Hunger-suppressing protein could be used to treat obesity

A new appetite suppressant developed from concepts relating to the Atkins and Dukan diets could be the latest step in tackling obesity, scientists claim.

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