Life expectancy in the UK is expected to rise to 83.3 years by 2040

Viva España as the UK lags behind in longevity

18 October 2018 13:13

The UK's average life expectancy is predicted to increase from 80.8 years to 83.3 years over the next 20 years, according to new research.

Physical activity can help with a number of common illnesses

Common conditions set for 'physical activity prescription'

Family doctors are being urged to prescribe physical activity for patients living with some of the most common medical conditions.

Brain tumour patients lose out on an average of £15,000 a year.

Brain tumour patients hit hardest financially

Patients with brain tumours lose out on almost £15,000 per year, a new report has revealed.

A no-deal Brexit could ground planes in the UK

Transport Secretary offers assurances on post-Brexit 'no-fly zone'

Chris Grayling has given his "categorial assurance" to Parliament that a no-deal Brexit will not ground flights in and out of the UK, despite recent warnings from experts that this remains a possibility.

Rising fuel prices could see more airlines go bust

Rising fuel costs 'see airlines go bust'

The rising cost of fuel could force more airlines out of business, the boss of easyJet has warned.

Abstinence from alcohol is increasingly common among youngsters

Youngsters turning their back on booze

The image of the boozy backpacker might be a thing of the past as a new study suggests more and more youngsters are shunning alcohol completely.

NHS trusts are looking to cut sales of sugary drinks

NHS drinks up low-sugar future

The NHS says just one in 10 drinks sold in English hospitals will be sugar-sweetened, as part of its bid to curb rising obesity levels.

Diabetes patients are suffering from insulin mismanagement during hospital stays

Hospital errors 'put diabetes patients in danger'

More than 260,000 diabetes patients were put at risk of lasting harm or even death during hospital stays last year due to medication errors, a new report has revealed.

NHS patients with a specific type of lymphoma will soon be able to access a "game-changing" new treatment

'Game-changing' new treatment for lymphoma patients

NHS patients with a specific type of lymphoma will soon be able to access a "game-changing" new treatment, health officials have revealed.

Insulin should be stored between 2C and 8C

Diabetes patients could be storing insulin incorrectly

People living with diabetes are being warned they might be "unwittingly" storing their insulin incorrectly.

Front view of aircraft in flight. The passenger plane flies high above the clouds.

Virgin voyage for world's first biofuel jet

The world's first commercial jet part-powered by a new form of biofuel touches down in London on Wednesday (3rd October).

The new carriages will arrive in spring

Hotel-style Caledonian Sleeper carriages derailed by delays

New 'hotel-style' carriages that were due to be rolled out for the Caledonian Sleeper have been delayed until next year.

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