Government to fund development of medical treatments

Government to put £70 million into development of medical treatments

23 January 2018 08:57

The Government will announce plans to use £70 million of funding to create new manufacturing centres and help accelerate the development of medical treatments, it's been reported.

If you're planning a holiday, make sure you get the right insurance you need to cover illnesses.

Universal cancer blood test 'a big step'

A newly developed single blood test has the potential to change the way doctors screen for cancer, researchers claim.

Women over-30 should be tested

Women over-30 should be tested for cancer gene mutations - study

According to new research, all British woman over the age of 30 should be tested for breast and ovarian cancer gene mutations to help save lives and cut costs.

It is suggested that breastfeeding can cut diabetes risk

Study suggests breastfeeding can cut diabetes risk

Mothers who breastfeed for at least six months cut the risk of diabetes during their child-bearing years by half, a study has found.

The ban will prevent drunken behaviour on flights

Crackdown on pre-flight drinks

In a bid to crack down on drunken airport accidents, airport bars are considering limiting drinking hours.

Survey shows the extent to which movies influence holiday choices

Fifth of Brits book holidays after watching a movie

A nationwide poll has uncovered the movies most likely to convince British holidaymakers to book their next getaway.

Airline offers fare refund if frightened passengers can't be calmed

Airline offers fare refund if frightened passengers can't be calmed

Virgin Atlantic has vowed to cure passengers who are afraid of flying, and to refund their fare if unsuccessful.

Bali's tourist trade affected by mounting rubbish on beaches

Bali declares 'rubbish emergency' as beaches are buried

Bali has declared itself to be in a "rubbish emergency" after high tides drag heaps of plastic waste onto its beaches.

Study shows that exercise can delay cardiovascular aging and reduce the risk of heart failure

Exercise reverses risk of heart disease in middle aged, study reveals

Researchers have found that middle-aged people can reverse or reduce the risk of heart disease and conditions like dementia by taking regular exercise.

Flights have been delayed across parts of Western Europe

Flight delays as Europe rocked by heavy storms

A violent storm involving winds of up to 100mph has battered parts of Western Europe, derailing trains, toppling trees and halting flights.

The VTOL will be able to take people from Heathrow to Charing Cross in 12 minutes

New drone tests to 'transform city travel'

A UK start-up is aiming to "transform city transportation from the air" with a drone that is expected to perform test flights with passengers as early as next year.

Adventurous Ms Dixon will set sail in a tall ship

Multiple transplant patient takes to the seas

A woman born with a hole in the heart is to take on an adventure of a lifetime.

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