Selfies and social media have led to a decline in postcard sales

Selfies could be about to make 140-year-old holiday tradition disappear

26 September 2017 08:15

Sending a postcard from your holiday at the seaside is a treasured memory for many Brits. Now, a 75% decline in postcard sales suggest the tradition could be grinding to a halt.

Thomas Cook says it's the first travel firm to offer the service

Thomas Cook launches 'pick your own room' service

Thomas Cook has launched a new service that will enable holidaymakers to select which hotel room they want, before even boarding a flight.

Someone in Britain is diagnosed with bowel cancer every 15 minutes

Algorithm could improve early detection of bowel cancer

A new computer code that can be applied to GP surgery data could be the answer to identifying those most at risk of developing bowel cancer.

Antibiotics are used to treat or prevent bacterial infections

WHO labels antibiotics resistance a 'global emergency'

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has issued a warning over a growing resistance to antibiotics.

Ryanair has cancelled up to 50 flights a day for six weeks

Ryanair holds its hands up to cancelled flight nightmare

Thousands of Ryanair flights have been cancelled over the next six weeks, as the airline says it "messed up" allocation of its pilots' annual leave.

More than half of over-75s live alone

Girlguide badge to tackle elderly loneliness

Manchester's Girlguides are being urged to help the elderly with a new badge incentivising youngsters to tackle senior loneliness.

The British Virgin islands have also been hit by the devastation of severe global weather

Holidaymakers evacuated as Typhoon Doksuri hits central Vietnam

Holidaymakers are being evacuated as winds up to 200km per hour hit Central Vietnam, with Typhoon Doksuri damaging houses, roads and infrastructure.

Obesity, alcohol misuse and hepatitis are the main causes of liver disease

Liver disease prognosis 'depends on locale'

People in parts of East Anglia are eight times more likely to survive liver disease than Blackpool residents, according to new data by Public Health England (PHE).

Type 2 diabetes is closely associated with being overweight

Weight loss device helps obese diabetics shed two stone

A non-invasive alternative to gastric bypass surgery that helps people with Type 2 diabetes lose weight is being recommended for widespread use by NHS experts.

Malaria is transmitted by mosquitos in more than 90 countries

Half of Britons risk malaria when travelling

Almost half of UK adults travelling to areas at risk of malaria are not covering themselves by taking medication, despite recommendations made by the NHS and world health organisations.

There are estimated three million e-cigarette users in Britain

Vaping with nicotine linked to increased health risks

A new health warning has been issued by scientists in Sweden, suggesting e-cigarettes with nicotine could lead to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The pen can detect cancerous cells in seconds

Pen can detect cancer in seconds

Researchers have developed a futuristic pen-like device that can tell whether someone has cancer much faster than current technology.

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