David Baddiel is hoping raise awareness to dementia

Baddiel becomes dementia ambassador

29 March 2017 08:53

Writer and comedian David Baddiel recently made a film about how dementia had affected his family and now he has been named an ambassador of a dementia charity.

Older people face inequalities in leukaemia treatment

Older leukaemia patients face inequalities

Researchers have highlighted a generation gap in treatment quality of leukaemia patients.

A new anti-ageing drug could hit the market in three years' time

Anti-ageing drug for clinical trials

Want to slow down the ageing process? A new drug claims to be able to do just that - and experts have suggested it could be on the market in three years.

Can drinking reduce your risk of a heart attack?

Moderate drinking 'reduces heart risk'

People who drink moderately are less likely to suffer a heart attack, according to a new study.

Passengers are to be banned from carrying laptops in cabin luggage on inbound direct flights from six countries

Hand luggage ban for laptops on certain UK flights

Passengers on certain flights into the UK will no longer be able to carry laptops and tablets like iPads in their hand luggage.

Mount Everest poses a challenge to any climber

Everest climbers get GPS devices in safety drive

Mountaineers looking to scale the world's highest peak may need to shell out for a GPS device, according to Nepal's tourism chief.

850,000 people suffer with dementia in the UK

VR simulators could give insight into dementia

The effects of being in skyscrapers, at concerts or even walking on wobbly bridges could help scientists understand the experiences of dementia sufferers, researchers are claiming.

Nine in 10 people are alive five years after a thyroid cancer diagnosis

Cancer patient releases lump picture to raise awareness

A young actor has released pictures of a lump on her throat that turned out to be thyroid cancer, with hopes the image will raise awareness and alert others who may be suffering from the disease.

1,700 Britons are diagnosed with the Hodkin's lymphoma each year

More research needed for 'promising' lymphoma treatment, says watchdog

A "promising treatment" for aggressive blood cancer needs more evidence of its effectiveness before NHS doctors will be able to prescribe, a watchdog is warning.

Around £1.4 billion each year is spent on coach travel, the research shows

Coach tourism on the rise among Britons

Millions of Brits are opting for coach holidays over jet-setting and cruises, new research indicates.

New York City is expecting 20 inches of snow

7,000 flights cancelled as Storm Stella hits north east US

Thousands of flights to and from America's north east have been cancelled in preparation for a "life-threatening" storm poised to hit the country.

36% of older people think it is fine to lose weight with age

Older people warned 'weight loss is not normal part of ageing'

Seniors who experience weight loss should not put it down to the normal ageing process, experts are warning.

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