Parts of Provence have been affected by wildfires

Campers evacuated amid Provence fires

27 July 2017 08:46

Holidaymakers in the South of France have had to be evacuated after wildfires swept through parts of the region.

Older dog walkers are more active during winter, says study

Older dog walkers more active

Older dog owners have been given a boost with the news that walking their pets keeps them more active.

A study suggests alcohol can improve short term memory

Can alcohol improve memory?

Drinking alcohol can help people to recall recently learned information, says a new study.

UK airspace is becoming extremely overcrowded, say experts

Warning over crowded UK airspace

Experts have warned UK airspace is becoming 'exceptionally overcrowded' ahead of what was expected to be the busiest-ever day for air traffic controllers.

Taking more exercise could reduce a person's dementia risk, researchers say

Lifestyle changes cut dementia risk

Researchers have claimed that 1 in 3 dementia cases could be prevented were people to make certain changes to their lifestyles.

Cancer survival rates are lower in the UK than in many European countries

Cancer survival rates 'lag behind Europe'

A report has criticised survival rates in the UK for a number of cancers.

Experts have warned that improvements in life expectancy have stalled

Warning over 'stalling' life expectancy

A leading expert in health inequality has called for 'urgent investigation' after increases in life expectancy stalled in recent years.

The so-called Med diet is rich in fresh vegetables

Med diet staves off dementia

People following a so-called Mediterranean diet rich in oily fish, fresh vegetables and nuts have a lower risk of suffering dementia.

People who work 55-hour weeks are more likely to suffer an irregular heartbeat

Heart warning to overtime workers

If you often put in extra hours at work you may want to think again.

Researchers have identified a link between height and prostate cancer

Aggressive prostate cancer linked to height

Researchers have highlighted a link between tall men and aggressive cases of prostate cancer.

Most home carers are left-stressed by their roles, a new report has revealed

Most home carers 'stressed'

More than three-quarters of long-term carers feel stressed by their role, according to a new report.

Coffee can help you live longer, say researchers

Can coffee help you to live longer?

Want to live a longer life? Try drinking more coffee - so say researchers.

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