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2015 a record year for Heathrow

14 January 2016 08:51

Heathrow has enjoyed a passenger boost

Heathrow has enjoyed a passenger boost

More holidaymakers flew out of Heathrow Airport than ever before in 2015, the latest figures suggest.

Its near-75 million passengers represented a 2.2% hike on its 2014 numbers.

Emerging markets have helped to fuel the expansion, the West London airport says.

Holidaymakers bound for the exotic tourist hotspots of China, Latin America and Middle Eastern countries helped passenger figures grow there by 14%, 8% and 6% respectively.

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Passenger satisfaction rates up

It is not just the number of customers that has led John Holland-Kaye, the Heathrow chief executive, to hail the year 2015 as a "banner" one.

He said it was also recognised "in a number of awards as the best major airport in Europe for both passenger service and eco innovation".

Mr Holland-Kaye attributes unprecedented passenger satisfaction rates to a substantial rise in apprenticeships and training, along with the amount of front-line staff progressing to management positions.

Heathrow waits on Government decision

The new figures come as Heathrow awaits a delayed final decision from ministers over whether it will get London's new runway.

Davies Commission officials have recommended Heathrow ahead of Gatwick for expansion.

But a decision will not be announced until the summer at the earliest while the Government further looks at noise pollution, air quality and other issues.

Mr Holland-Kaye claims that Heathrow's new growth proposals will make it the world's best hub airport when it comes to sustainability.