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30-hour delay for holidaymakers

30 April 2014 08:12

The Thomas Cook flight to Egypt was delayed by 30 hours

The Thomas Cook flight to Egypt was delayed by 30 hours

A technical fault on a plane has caused a 30-hour delay for hundreds of holidaymakers heading to Egypt.

The Thomas Cook flight to the city of Hurghada was grounded at Manchester Airport after an engine problem was discovered just before take-off.

All 255 passengers, including a newlywed couple, were told they would have to leave the plane and stay in a nearby hotel.

Travel insurance can protect against such situations like delayed flights, so it is important that holidaymakers don't leave home without it.

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Flight TCX2514 was initially scheduled to depart around 9.30am on April 25, but because of the delay it eventually left at 1.20pm the next day. The travellers therefore lost more than a day of their holidays.

Ben and Lucy Bird, from Sharston in Wythenshawe, forked out £1,500 on their dream honeymoon but ended up spending the first night of it at Manchester Airport's Crowne Plaza hotel along with the other passengers.

The couple haven't been on holiday for two years because they were saving up for their wedding day.

People on a return flight from the sun-kissed Red Sea resort also suffered as a result of the plane problem.

Flight TCX2515 was due to land at Manchester at 10.30pm on April 25, with 321 passengers on board, but didn't arrive until 1.10am on April 27.

Thomas Cook has since issued an apology to all those affected by the extended delay.

A spokesman for the airline said it appreciated how frustrating the delay must have been and thanked holidaymakers for their patience while the matter was resolved.