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4 foods to eat at Oktoberfest

24 September 2019 08:12

What a way to start your day – a traditional Bavarian breakfast

What a way to start your day – a traditional Bavarian breakfast

You might think that Oktoberfest is all about beer. But one of the best things about travelling to Bavaria is trying all the delicious local food. Here are some dishes you should try in Munich...

1. Schweinshaxe and knödel

If you're visiting Munich for Oktoberfest, you'll be sure to see this dish of pork knuckle and potato dumplings served up in the city's biergartens during your stay. Don't be put off by the generous portion sizes – the meat is delicately cooked and the rather intimidating potato dumplings are delicious, especially when smothered with sauce.

2. Käsespätlze

Similar to the classic American dish, mac and cheese, käsespätlze is about as comforting as comfort food gets. Egg pasta is mixed with fried onions, chives and a thick cheese sauce made from locally-produced cheeses. You might see this served as a side dish in a biergarten or, if you're lucky, the main meal itself.

3. Schupfnudlen

Another wonderfully hearty dish, schupfnudlen is a gnocchi-style dish that sees thin potato dumplings fried until crispy and covered with a variety of toppings. A creamy mushroom sauce is our favourite, but spinach and sauerkraut are both typical accompaniments to these crispy bites.

4. Schnitzel and potato salad

No list of Bavarian food would be complete without the age-old classic of schnitzel and potato salad. While you might have tried chicken schnitzel before, in Germany you'll most likely find the pork variety coupled with a generous portion of potato salad, which sees lightly mashed spuds mixed with a sort of vinaigrette style sauce.

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