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5 delicious dishes to try in Croatia

16 October 2019 08:29

Croatia has a whole host of delicious foods to try

Croatia has a whole host of delicious foods to try

If you're sampling the sunny delights of Croatia – from its rugged coastline to its ancient ruins – make sure you try some of these delicious local delicacies...

1. Crni rizot

Walk into any seafood restaurant in Croatia and you'll see this black risotto on the menu. It might not look the most tempting, but crni rizot – coloured black by squid ink – is a deliciously filling dish packed with squid, mussels and other seafood.

2. Fuzi

You might think of pasta as being solely an Italian speciality, but the Istrian offering of fuzi will soon have you questioning that. Quill-shaped pasta is served with mushrooms or in a rich beef stew for the ultimate hearty meal that's perfect for that post-hike re-fuel.

3. Stuffed peppers

Punjenje paprike – or stuffed peppers as we know them – are bell peppers crammed full of meat, rice and spices and cooked up in a tomato sauce before being served with mashed potato. Popular across the country – particularly in summer – local variations mean you might never have the same dish twice!

4. Peka

Meat, seafood and plenty of root vegetables are chucked into a pan and cooked up together in this ultimate Croatian comfort food. Peka is cooked by covering the pan's lid with embers – a popular cooking method in this part of the world that certainly adds a different taste dimension!

5. Fritule

Similar to doughnuts, these deep-fried dough balls are popular along the Croatian coastline where they're served up with sugar or chocolate sauce. You'll find some fritule that have been made using the local schnapps, too, so be prepared for a little kick when you're munching them down.

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