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5 European island destinations you've never heard of...

17 September 2019 08:21

The colourful Italian island of Burano

The colourful Italian island of Burano

We all dream of our own little island paradises, don't we? Luckily for us, Europe has plenty of island destinations to choose from – even some you might never have heard of...

1. São Miguel, Portugal

The Atlantic archipelago of the Azores is often overlooked by those looking for an island getaway, but the verdant island of São Miguel is definitely not to be missed. With its (generally) warm climate, stunning volcanic scenery and rich marine biodiversity, São Miguel offers a little something of everyone – just don't book up expecting a party island!

2. St Mary's, UK

Cast off the south-west coast of the UK, the Isles of Scilly are a clutch of dreamy islands that feel more Caribbean than Cornwall. The largest of the islands, St Mary's, has rugged coastlines, idyllic fishing villages, and plenty of turquoise waters to dip your toes in. Be aware that the Isles of Scilly are often a little warmer than the mainland if you're looking to stretch that summer out a little longer.

3. Burano, Italy

Love Venice but hate the crowds that clog up the city's streets? Well, why not consider heading to the nearby island of Burano instead? Famous for quality seafood and canals lined with colourful old fishing houses, Burano is the perfect place to enjoy all the charm of the Venetian lagoon without the hustle and bustle that comes with the city. Check ahead and avoid months known for flooding.

4. Comino, Malta

Sandwiched between the larger Malta and Gozo, tiny Comino measures just 3.5km sq. But don't let that put you off making the boat ride across to this tranquil little isle with a permanent population of just three residents. With rugged cliffs, hidden sandy beaches and its famous Blue Lagoon snorkelling hotspot, Comino offers a very different Mediterranean experience than you might be used to.

5. Rügen, Germany

You might not automatically think of Germany when it comes to picturing your perfect island destination, but Rügen might surprise you. Located off the Pomeranian coastline, Rügen is home to a clutch of Germany's most picture-perfect seaside resorts, some excellent hiking trails and even a steam railway that burrows through thick woodland.

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