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5 things to see and do in Rio de Janeiro

28 November 2019 08:26

Christ the Redeemer overlooks Rio's beautiful beaches.

Christ the Redeemer overlooks Rio's beautiful beaches.

Whether it's hiking, dancing or soaking up the sun, Brazil's beautiful coastal city offers it all.

Here are our five essential recommendations of things to do in Rio...

1. Hike the Two Brothers Mountain

The Two Brothers Hike, or Morro Dois Irmaos, ends on a literal high with views over mountain-framed favelas and mansions sat next to curving coves and beaches. The two-hour trek to the top is an adventure all of its own, beginning at the back of a football pitch in the Vidigal favela. The neighbourhood of winding roads and hillside houses offers a glimpse into everyday life in Brazil.

2. Soak up Copacabana Beach

Rio natives, or cariocas, have mastered the art of relaxing on a beach. You'll fit right in sipping caipirinhas, ice cold mate tea or an acai smoothie made from a berry superfruit, while soaking up the sun. When evenings set in, locals take to the world-famous Copacabana to get their exercise fix, as joggers and skateboarders travel past sand-lined footvolley courts. The sport combining football and volleyball makes for a great watch. Even better, get involved.

3. Stroll around Parque Lage

An old sugar mill turned public park at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain, sits on 52 hectares of land away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hidden gem is found close to Rio's botanical gardens and offers an array of beautiful plant life and more. At the heart of the one-time mansion you'll find an atrium with a pool and café alongside an in-house art school. The real draw is the garden outside, complete with caves, waterfalls and monkey filled trees.

4. Visit Christ the Redeemer

The image of Christ the Redeemer is synonymous with Rio. Yes, you could face busy crowds but a trip to the art deco attraction is a must. Whether you marvel at nine years of work above, or the winding beaches below, you can't help but feel that visiting the statue is a unique experience. For unrivalled views of what locals call Cristo, helicopter trips starting from Sugarloaf Mountain can't be beaten.

5. Dance the day away at a 'bloco'

If you time your visit to Brazil around late February, you'll be lucky enough to experience carnival season. The Sambadrome hosts the official competition between samba schools parading with elaborate floats and colourful costumes, but the real fun can be found elsewhere. Street parties or 'blocos', held across the city, start and end at all hours of the day and are often themed. The music and people rarely stay still and everyone is welcome to get involved.

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