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6 Japan travel tips

02 September 2019 08:06

Japan is beautiful in the autumn

Japan is beautiful in the autumn

If you're planning on soaking up the world-class rugby action this autumn, here's everything you need to know about travelling to Japan.

1. Autumn leaves

Japan is a country with four clearly defined seasons – and experiences cold, dry winters and hot, wet summers. While springtime brings the iconic Instagram-ready cherry blossoms, many believe Japan is actually at its most beautiful in the cooler autumn months – perfect if you're there to watch the rugby!

2. Cash is (still) king

The idea of Japan being technologically advanced is well known. But in reality, much of Japanese culture has remained largely unchanged for centuries – and that includes payment methods, too. Many shops and restaurants will only accept cash, and while it's slowly starting to change you should always make sure you have cash with you.

3. At your convenience

If you're travelling around Japan, you'll soon realise just how many convenience stores there seems to be. However these are much different from the newsagents you might be used to. Japanese convenience stores are open 24 hours a day and are a great place to get a snack, stock up for dinner or even grab a drink with friends on the tables outside – just like the locals do!

4. First class pass

Nothing helps you explore the magic of Japan quite like the famous bullet train (known locally as Shinkansen), which can get you from Tokyo all the way to Hiroshima in just five hours. To save money on your high-speed travel, invest in a Japan Rail (JR) Pass. Available for 7, 14 or 21 days, it's the ideal way to travel between cities and islands.

5. Shelter for every budget

Japan can be expensive, but there's a vast range of accommodation options that can cater to just about any budget. Western-style hotels are plentiful in major towns and cities. Alternatively capsule hotels are great options if you're traveling alone or want to keep costs down.

6. Lost in translation

English isn't widely spoken in Japan, particularly outside the major towns and cities, so be prepared in advance and learn a few choice Japanese phrases. In restaurants you can often point to pictures or plastic recreations of meals if you're stuck, or opt for those places that look more Westerner-friendly.

Don't forget your insurance...

Before you explore the land of the rising sun, make sure you've got the right travel cover. At World First we offer Asia travel insurance that'll give you the peace of mind you need to explore Japan in confidence.