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6 top tips for travelling with kids this Easter

18 April 2019 13:05

Remember these top tips if you're heading away with kids this Easter

Remember these top tips if you're heading away with kids this Easter

Travelling with kids can be hectic, we all know that. But help make your Easter getaway that little bit less stressful by following these six top tips.

Teach them something

While it might sound tempting to simply put the kids in the back of the car and drive, telling them where you're going ahead of time is a great way to teach them something new. If you're heading to a non-English speaking country, why not teach them a few choice phrases or tell them about all the delicious local foods they'll be able to try?

Involve them in the packing

OK, so you might want to do the bulk of the packing yourself, but why not let them pack their hand luggage? This will not only engage their minds to the idea they're heading away on holiday, but will also teach them a bit of responsibility, and that's always a good thing!

Pack the essentials

You don't need any 'where can I buy their medication?' panics in a unknown place, so make sure you take everything you might need with you. You don't have to pack your entire medicine cabinet, but take enough to get you through any unforeseen incidents for peace of mind should the worst happen.

Leave plenty of time

It doesn't matter whether you're flying or taking the train, leave yourself plenty of time to get the whole family where you need to be, working back from your departure time to make sure you don't overlook anything. Getting through an airport with kids can be particularly time-consuming when you factor in security checks, filling up on food and drink and taking those all-important toilet breaks so allow more than enough time.


You're on holiday so remember to relax! OK, so heading off with young children might not sound the most relaxing thing in the world, but if you're calm it'll rub off on them too. Even when things get a little stressful, remember to take a few deep breaths, smile and try and look on the positive side of things because holidays with kids really can be fun. Honest!

And don't check in without travel insurance...

Before heading away with the family, it's essential you get the right cover for everyone. At World First we offer dedicated travel insurance cover for families that'll give you peace of mind when heading away.