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7 tips for choosing a wedding location abroad

11 June 2019 08:57

Are you considering a beach wedding?

Are you considering a beach wedding?

Planning on tying the knot abroad? Make your big day go without a hitch with these top tips for choosing the dream location for your overseas wedding.

1. Make it accessible

It's unlikely you'll get 150 wedding guests to travel to Bali for your dream beachside wedding, so make sure you tailor the destination according to the guestlist and vice versa. Close friends and family are more likely to travel for a wedding but remember, even then, a wedding in Europe may be an easier option than somewhere further afield.

2. Check the weather forecasts

If you want a sunny wedding day, do a bit of forward thinking and check the average temperatures and daily hours of sunshine for your destination on the date you want to get hitched. After all, you don't want to book a dream wedding during monsoon season, do you? Of course, you can't guarantee good weather but you can at least better your chances if you do your homework on average conditions beforehand.

3. Think about food

If you've got any particular dietary requirements or a guestlist that won't take kindly to exotic or spicy food you may prefer a European location where the food will be more suitable. That said, hopefully your guests will get into the spirit of the day regardless of where you choose to get married. But try and compromise if possible to ensure no complaints on the day.

4. Research the legalities

Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to marriage, so check beforehand that you're legally able to get married in your country of choice. Remember, you might be able to hold the legal ceremony in the UK before you leave and simply have a blessing on your wedding day. So, research first and then choose the option that meets your needs.

5. Try before you buy

Your wedding will likely be one of the most expensive things you ever pay out for, so make sure you know what you're getting by visiting your preferred destination well in advance. Check out hotels, caterers and the logistics of getting there from the airport so you can tell your guests what to expect on the big day.

6. Hire a wedding planner

Find a wedding planner with local knowledge of customs, regulations and suppliers in your preferred location. Someone who speaks the local language will be invaluable when trying to organise a wedding abroad. Try and meet your chosen planner when you visit the destination and stay in close contact via phone and email in the run-up.

7. Get insured

You never know what will happen on the day, so get yourself covered for (almost) every eventuality by taking out a carefully considered insurance policy. At World First, we offer dedicated wedding travel insurance, covering you for all those wedding essentials alongside a standard travel insurance policy.