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7 top tips for long-haul flying

10 September 2019 08:13

Get the most out of your next long-haul flight

Get the most out of your next long-haul flight

Whether you're a regular jet-setter or a first-time flyer, a long-haul flight can feel like a daunting start to a holiday. But don't panic, there are plenty of ways you can make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are our top tips for enjoying - rather than enduring - long-haul flights...

1. Wear comfortable clothes

Being stuck in one seat for hours is never the most enjoyable experience. But choosing the right outfit will help to make the journey comfortable. Opt for warm, soft clothing that will let you relax - or even have a snooze - on board. It's also a good idea to wear layers that can be removed easily if you get too warm.

2. Think about your seat reservations

Choosing the right seats can have a huge impact on your flight experience. Think carefully about what will make the journey more comfortable for you, whether that's being close to the toilets, sat in a window seat or somewhere with a little extra leg room. Check the seat map for your flight carefully before you travel and be sure to reserve early to get your preferred choice.

3. Prepare for sleep

Sleep is never a bad idea on a long-haul flight. However, being stuck in a small space with lots of other passengers doesn't always make for the best sleeping environment. For the greatest chance of nodding off, prepare yourself with earplugs and an eye mask along with a good travel pillow and a lightweight blanket to keep you cosy.

4. Take snacks

Not everyone is a fan of aeroplane food, especially when changing time zones means you're eating sausage and mash for breakfast. To stave off mid-flight hunger, stock up on a few easy-to-eat snacks like cereal bars, crackers or dried fruit.

5. Stay hydrated

With all that recycled air, you'd be surprised how quickly the cabin can dry you out. Take five minutes at the airport to purchase a bottle of water or refill your refillable. That way you won't have to rely on the flight attendants to keep you topped up.

6. Keep moving

It's easy to seize up when you're sat still for hours on end. But keeping your blood moving could save you from more than just aches and pains. Avoid the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) by taking a stroll every couple of hours, even if it's just to the bathroom. You could even do some gentle stretches in your seat to keep the blood flowing.

7. Embrace the time

Boredom is always a worry when flying long haul, but try to see the time onboard as a gift! When else do you have so much time without the distractions of odd-jobs or social media? Get stuck into a good book or take advantage of the in-flight entertainment to catch up on all those movies you missed at the cinema. You'll be surprised how quickly those hours fly!

Did you remember travel insurance?

Before boarding the plane, make sure you've got the right travel insurance cover. At World First we provide dedicated insurance for a number of worldwide, long-haul destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Canada, USA and the Caribbean. So you'll be covered wherever your travels take you.