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7 ways to protect your home when you go on holiday

02 October 2019 09:12

Get tips for protecting your home while you're away

Get tips for protecting your home while you're away

Heading away? Keep your home safe with these top tips for protecting your property while you're holidaying.

Make sure you're covered

To cover every eventuality, it's essential you have good quality home and contents insurance that'll give you peace of mind while away. If you've already got a policy – make sure it covers what you need and is valid for your entire holiday.

Sort out the post

If you're heading away, you don't want letters building up behind your front door and letting people know you're away. To make things easier, Royal Mail Keepsake will keep your mail while you're away and deliver it when you've returned.

Cancel regular deliveries

It's not just your post you need to sort out – if you have any regular deliveries you should stop them while you're away. There are few more tell-tale signs you're away that milk bottles or newspapers collecting at your door, so make sure you hit pause.

Keep your valuables safe

For that extra bit of security, why not lock away those valuables in an in-built safe or locker kept somewhere at home? This will provide an extra layer or protection for those important objects, like jewellery or electronics.

Tidy up your garden

Don't let your overgrown garden give the game away by tidying up all your outdoor spaces before you head away. Mowing the lawn, cutting back any overgrown bushes, and raking up those fallen leaves will give that 'lived-in' feel.

Invest in a timer switch

Keep those lights coming on when the sun goes down by getting yourself a timer switch. Program lamps to come on at a time specified by you every evening you're away and give the neighbours the impression you're still at home.

Get some tech

Timer switches aren't the only options if you're looking to tech to help you plan for your next getaway. From doorbell live feeds to in-home motion sensors, there are plenty of apps that'll help you stay on top of things from wherever you are!

Heading away? Get covered!

As well as protecting your home when you're away, make sure you protect yourself and your loved ones, too, by taking out travel insurance before you go. At World First, we provide a variety of cover options, from last-minute getaways to worldwide backpacker insurance.