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8 foods to help lower your blood pressure

20 March 2019 08:18

Eat healthily to help tackle high blood pressure

Eat healthily to help tackle high blood pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a common health problem among adults. Thankfully there are some simple ways to tackle it - and one of them is your diet. Here's a lip-smacking list of some of our favourite foods that will help to lower your blood pressure.


Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale aren't only Instagram-friendly, they're also high in potassium, which helps your kidneys to get rid of sodium through your urine. Spinach is endlessly versatile for main meals, quick snacks and even fruit smoothies. Just remember to opt for fresh or frozen over canned spinach to dodge the added salt.


Berries - like blueberries, raspberries and strawberries - are high in flavonoids, a natural compound that studies have found helps to prevent high blood pressure. Whether fresh or frozen, berries are easy to add into your daily diet. Just sprinkle a handful over your cereal every morning. Easy!


As well as being a good source of protein and vitamins, fatty fish like salmon and mackerel are also high in omega-3 fatty acids which can help lower blood pressure. Not only is salmon easy to cook, it's also a great alternative to red meat and chicken. Add a few portions into your weekly diet and see the results yourself.

Dark chocolate

Think you have to give up all your favourite foods to reduce your blood pressure? Think again. Studies have shown that up to 100g of dark chocolate a day may actually help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Seeing as it can be eaten easily with berries, bananas and porridge it could be a welcome addition to your diet.


Once a fairly unfashionable vegetable, beetroot has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years. The high nitrate content helps to ease blood pressure, and its versatile enough to be enjoyed in salads, roast dinners and smoothies - even in a dessert if you're feeling adventurous.


If you had to design a breakfast food, you'd be hard pushed to come up with something better than porridge. High in fibre, low in fat and low in salt, it's an excellent way to start your day. Stir in some banana, berries or chocolate for extra blood pressure benefits.


Bananas not only taste great, they're high in potassium too. That's good news for your kidneys - with one study even suggesting two bananas a day could lower your blood pressure by 10%. Potatoes, dates and avocados are also great sources of potassium, although we probably wouldn't recommend mixing them all together.


Once the ultimate in exotic fruits, pomegranates are now a part of everyday life for many people and can be an excellent choice if you want to lower your blood pressure. Even a glass of pomegranate juice can help, although be wary of some store-bought juices that are often loaded with added sugars.

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