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Airline offers fare refund if frightened passengers can't be calmed

12 January 2018 09:25

Airline offers fare refund if frightened passengers can't be calmed

Airline offers fare refund if frightened passengers can't be calmed

Virgin Atlantic has vowed to cure passengers who are afraid of flying, and to refund their fare if unsuccessful.

Customers who book a flight with the airline next Tuesday will be invited to partake in a 'Flying Without Fear' course.

Studies show that almost one in 6 people (41%) in the UK have a fear of flying. According to YouGov, these people miss out on holidays because their discomfort on long-haul flights outweighs the desire to travel.

The aim of the Fear Without Flying course is to cure passengers of their fears in time for their flight. If the course is unsuccessful, the fare will be refunded.

Virgin Atlantic has collaborated with Dr. Cliff Arnall, founder of Blue Monday, for its Screw it, Let's do it campaign.

"We need to stop sleepwalking through January, and falling victim to the traditional negative sentiment around the first month of the year," said Dr Arnall.

"By making positive concrete steps towards our well-being and sense of fun, we open ourselves up to a range of adventures and experiences that can be really beneficial and enlightening."

Shai Weiss, the chief commercial officer at Virgin Atlantic, said: "We want everyone to be able to say, 'Screw it, let's do it' and try something different, fly somewhere new.

"Hopefully by guaranteeing to cure people of one of the main things holding them back, we can inspire Britain to choose something more positive than the cliched 'Blue January' nonsense.

"Nothing should hold anyone back from seizing the day in 2018."

Seize the day in 2018, and book yourself a new year adventure. Just don't forget to sort your comprehensive travel insurance first.