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App 'empowers stranded travellers'

19 July 2012 09:43

A new app has been designed to boost holidaymakers' knowledge of their rights

A new app has been designed to boost holidaymakers' knowledge of their rights

Travellers will hope they never have to use it but if they do a new app will give them the perfect answer to anyone questioning their rights when they're stranded at an airport.

The European Commission's smartphone app will empower millions of holidaymakers, enabling them to instantly check their rights on air and rail transport and the compensation they may be entitled to for cancelled flights and missing or damaged luggage.

Though certainly no substitute for travel insurance the app can also provide official travel information and advice in the event of an emergency such as the 2010 Icelandic volcanic ash crisis. Next year information on the rights of sea, bus and coach travellers will be added.

European Commission vice president Siim Kallas, said: "How many of us have stood in an airport and felt the frustration of people telling you that you have no rights when you know you have!

"With this application millions of travellers can have easy access to the right information about their passenger rights when they most need it, when unexpected situations arise."

Martin Rothwell, managing partner at Rothwell & Towler, said: "The new app will be a great benefit to many millions of travellers who in recent years have encountered problems with travel arising from volcanic ash and financial failure of airlines or tour operators to strikes by baggage handlers.

"Anything that helps the traveller who is stranded or experiencing problems when holidaying overseas this summer will hopefully take some of the stress out of the situation."