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5 best apps for learning a new language

08 January 2020 08:28

Looking to learn a language?

Looking to learn a language?

Looking to learn a new language but don't know where to start? Each of these apps offers a different learning experience, whether through conversation, tutor-led lessons, games or sheer repetition.

Take advantage of spare moments in your day and find out just how straightforward learning a language can be.


Choose from one of 14 languages including Spanish, German, French and Russian and set out on your language journey without paying a penny! The free version of this app comes with 40 classes, teaching you words and phrases before helping you fit them into everyday dialogue. A great app for quickly building your conversation skills.


Discover the surprising power of flashcards with this innovative learning app, stretching your language barriers through repetition, word association and playful memes. Pick up new phrases whenever you get a free moment and see how your language skills flourish.


One for the more dedicated learners, LinguaLift puts you on a tutor-led programme for your chosen language. By signing up, you'll get a customised study plan with each lesson delivered in 10-15 minute chunks and even a free copy of its textbook, Language Learning Secrets. Languages currently on offer include Japanese, Russian and Hebrew, with Spanish, French and Mandarin to come.


A great social app, allowing language learners to practise their skills with native speakers over a messaging-style app. Correct each other's messages and use the text-to-voice option to help you pronounce each new phrase you learn.


Seven languages, each with eight or nine interactive games to help you learn new vocabulary, improve your grammar and practice your listening skills. Each game begins with a short lesson, before testing your knowledge, helping you gain confidence without having to slog through hours of intense learning!

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At World First we provide dedicated long-stay travel insurance. So you can focus on improving your vocabulary, leaving us to worry about the rest.