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Ash Clouds ground more flights

22 June 2011 09:22

A Chilean volcano has caused cancellations of flights in Australia

A Chilean volcano has caused cancellations of flights in Australia

Ash clouds drifting around the globe from a Chilean volcano have again forced cancellations of flights in Australia.

Last week, ash clouds spewing from the Cordon Caulle volcano affected many flights in Australia and New Zealand, stranding tens of thousands of passengers and highlighting the need for appropriate travel insurance, including adequate cover for any delays.

Although airlines resumed services on Friday, the flights had to be cancelled again this week as the ash cloud entered the country's airspace again.

Qantas and Virgin suspended flights in and out of country's capital Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne from Tuesday afternoon.

Jetstar, Qantas' budget airline, also cancelled Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney flights along with a few between Melbourne and Perth.

A total of six International flights to New Zealand were banned and flights to Europe via Bangkok were moved up to early afternoon.