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Average Brit 'to take four holidays in 2016'

13 January 2016 08:06

The research was compiled by BA Holidays

The research was compiled by BA Holidays

Nearly six million of us will be seeking to banish the post-Christmas blues this month by booking our summer holidays, the results of a new survey suggest.

And British Airways Holidays says many Britons are so keen to get away from it all that they are prepared to give up dining out so they can fund their trip.

Others, the firm says, have even put their wedding plans on hold so they can afford a summer holiday abroad.

The report also suggests that people are typically spending just over £1,620 preparing for their break before they even get to the airport.

But with that total only including some £678 for flights and accommodation, it leaves plenty of money left over for people to spend on food, drink, entertainment and travel insurance.

How many holidays will Brits take?

While the typical Briton, the study suggests, will take four holidays this year, higher earners - those on £55,000 a year or more - will, on average, have seven.

But even lower earners - people on a salary of £15,000 - will be clamouring to book their holidays and are typically expecting to take three breaks during 2016.

The lure of so many breaks in the sun is set to cost the average Brit an eighth of their annual salary with higher earners parting with around 15% of their yearly pay so they can fund their holidays.

For a family of four, the study estimates, a holiday abroad will cost an average of £2,869, although just £304 of that will be accounted for by the cost of flights.

Saving up

Main breaks are most likely to be taken during August and saving up for them, the report says, will take families an average of just over seven months.

Those deciding to take a city break in the UK, the study adds, will end up spending almost as much (£432) as those who go abroad (£433).