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Best apps for learning a foreign language

08 May 2019 09:06

Improve your foreign language skills in your own time

Improve your foreign language skills in your own time

Ever wanted to order a cappuccino in Italian? Or maybe you've dreamed of debating philosophy in the Acropolis with a local? Learning a foreign language can be difficult, but these tools can help...


Not only is Duolingo the most popular language learning app on the marketplace, it's one of the most popular apps full stop, with over 300 million users worldwide. Through its bright, welcoming interface and fun approach to learning, you can take 85 different courses in 24 languages. Many of these courses are created by other members of the Duolingo community, from Spanish and German all the way through to Star Trek's Klingon.


If you respond better to visual learning techniques, you might want to check out Memrise. The app takes things slowly, showing users flashcard-type images from which users can then start to build up phrases and sentences. As well as doing great things with the gamification of language learning, Memrise also includes memes created by other users of the app. So, when you get confident you'll be able to share your creations with the wider community!


If you like your language learning with a hefty dose of games, you'll love Mindsnacks, which unashamedly takes the gamification of language learning to a whole new level. Choose your language and then take part in a host of games designed to help you practise your vocabulary, grammar and listening skills. A paid pro-version is also available for users looking for even more language-based games.


OK, so you've spent months learning a new language, but if you don't have any plans to visit the country, how are you going to practice your new skills? That's where Tandem comes in. An online community full of language learners, you'll be able to connect to people from around the world and practice what you've learnt through messages, phone calls and even video chats with other users.

If you're going away, don't forget travel insurance

Wherever you're heading to showcase your newfound language skills, make sure you have the right type of travel insurance. At World First we offer a range of affordable travel insurance policies that'll give you peace of mind when heading away.