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Best French food and drink festivals

17 July 2019 08:24

Get a true taste of France

Get a true taste of France

Whether you're a fan of escargot or simply like the odd glass or two of Champagne, why not get your teeth into these great foodie festivals next time you're in France?

Oysters: Fête des Huitres, Bouzigues

If you like oysters, head to Bouzigues where nearly half of France's oysters come from. In celebration, the southern town hosts a festival where 20,000 oyster-lovers descend for exhibitions, tasting stands, fireworks and of course, plenty of oysters.

Cheese: Fête de fromage, Rocamadour

This list wouldn't be complete without a cheese festival, and the best can be found in the small clifftop village of Rocamadour in the hilly central region. Over 40 cheesemakers attend, allowing cheese fans to taste every sort of fromage imaginable. Just don't forget the wine and grapes!

Champagne: Les Habits de Lumière, Epernay

Raise a glass to France's most famous sparkling wine at Les Habits de Lumière in the Champagne region. And it's not just bubbly, either. The festival celebrates the gastronomic offering of the whole region so there's plenty for every palate.

Chocolate: Salon du Chocolat, Paris

If you've got a sweet tooth, head to Paris for the city's spectacular Salon du Chocolat festival! Over 700 chocolatiers and pastry chefs from around the world exhibit their creations alongside workshops, demonstrations and loads of tastings.

Snails: Fête de l'escargot, Digoin

Nothing is quite so quintessentially French as snails. To sample the country's best head to the Loire-side town of Digoin, which hosts an annual snail festival. In 2018, more than 100,000 snails were eaten, prepared in a variety of ways that'll make you wonder what you've been missing!

Lemons: Fête du citron, Menton

When life gives you lemons? Create spectacular floats of animals made entirely from lemons and oranges and parade them through the streets. At least that's what the residents of Menton on the Italian border do every February.

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