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The 5 best places to see spring bloom

22 March 2021 08:25

Find inspiration for your next floral escape

Find inspiration for your next floral escape

Calling all budding travellers! Flower-filled fun awaits at these seasonal favourites...

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is famed for two vibrant but very different flowers. Head to Val d'Oricia between April and May and you'll be greeted with the spectacular scene of poppy-lined hills – the Crete Senesi region is particularly crimson covered and filled with charming villages. Make your way to Montepulciano between June and July to find fields of sunflowers – the terrace outside the San Francesco church offers the best views.

Tokyo, Japan

Cherry blossom season hits its peak in Tokyo around the 26th March, but the Japanese capital has much more on offer for fans of flora. East of the city, Hitachi Saside Park fills with "baby blue eyes" from late April to mid-May. If the blue nemophila don't appeal, you can always enjoy the million daffodils nearby. Ashikaga Flower Park, north of Tokyo is home to 10,000 square metres of wisteria-filled gardens.

Hallerbos, Belgium

The British Isles is home to 40% of the world's bluebells, but that shouldn't put you off a trip to Belgium for a continental flower excursion. The ancient "Blue Forest" of Hallerbos is covered in shades of purple and blue around mid-April from the much-loved flower found between large Sequoia trees. Close to Halle, the Dutch-speaking city is only 17 minutes by train from Brussels.

Chilliwack, Canada

Nearly 30,000 visitors descend on Chilliwack, British Columbia every year to take in a 20-acre field of tulips. The Tulips of the Valley festival is Western Canada's largest and the most recognised of its kind, and kicks off in April. The event has drawn crowds since 2006 and eventually moved from the neighbouring town of Agassiz to handle the numbers.

Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands

The Netherlands provides 90% of all of Europe's tulips and is a popular choice for flora lovers worldwide. Book a trip from mid-April until the end of May to catch the national flower at its finest. The tulip covers swathes of Noordoostpolder, filling the gaps between larger trees and picturesque windmills in the province of Flevoland. Don't miss one of the world's largest gardens at Keukenhof for a stunning display of more than seven million flowers.

Branching out this spring?

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