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Bizarre hotel complaints revealed

16 May 2014 09:10

An excessively blue sea was one of the unusual complaints made to hotel staff

An excessively blue sea was one of the unusual complaints made to hotel staff

Moaning about the lack of a sea view in a hotel based in the middle of London was one of the more bizarre complaints uncovered in a poll carried out by a holiday search engine firm.

The staff at a hotel in the prestigious Mayfair area found themselves dealing with the customer's grievance despite the fact that London is one of the busiest cities in the world and is not located on the coast, the survey by Skyscanner showed.

Researchers questioned 400 hotel staff across the globe and found that one particular customer had demanded a refund of his hotel bill because he claimed his dog had not enjoyed its stay.

Another tourist demanded a partial refund from hotel bosses because he had been kept awake during his stay by his girlfriend's snoring, the poll revealed.

In a sign that everything comes down to someone's perceptions of an object, various hotels in the survey had received complaints that the bed sheets were too white, the sea was excessively blue, a serving of ice-cream was too cold and the bath was too large.

A lack of steak dishes being made available on the vegetarian menu, a waiter who was too handsome and a hotel's honeymoon suite not being put at the disposal of the mother of the groom made up the top ten complaints.

A litany of strange complaints was not the only bizarre things hotel staff had to deal with, as customers also made some unusual requests.

One guest asked for 16 pillows to aid their sleep, another asked for their room's toilet to be filled with mineral water while a third tourist enquired if the kitchen staff would be able to prepare crocodile soup.

While the complaints and requests detailed in the poll may be of a light-hearted nature, a comprehensive travel insurance policy gives peace of mind in the event of something serious going wrong while on holiday.