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Brexit 'could invalidate holidaymaker driving licences'

17 September 2018 08:21

UK driving licences might become invalid in certain European countries

UK driving licences might become invalid in certain European countries

UK driving licences might become invalid in certain European countries if the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal, the Government has warned.

Holidaymakers may need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive throughout Europe after March 2019 next year.

They face being turned away at borders and ports - or even enforcement action - if they're found driving without the required paperwork.

The warnings come as the Government publishes a series of impact papers in which they advise over the possible effects of a "no-deal Brexit."


There are two types of IDP required by EU countries, depending on whether they have ratified the 1949 or 1968 conventions on road traffic.

This means some holiday itineraries will require both permits, such as when people drive into France and then Spain.

The documents cost £5.50. The 1949 type is available over the counter at around 90 Post Office branches or by mail order from two private companies.

The mail order service will cease on January 31, and the Government will begin providing IDPs the following day.

Motorists will then be able to apply for both types at 2,500 Post Office branches across the UK.

Extra burden

The Department for Transport believes up to seven million permits could be requested in the first 12 months after Brexit.

AA president Edmund King said: "This will be an extra burden for UK drivers wanting to take a holiday abroad. We envisage quite a rush on post offices next year for the £5.50 IDPs if no deal is reached.

"Hopefully an agreement can be reached to prevent further red tape and expense for drivers."

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