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Britons 'among laziest holidaymakers'

17 July 2014 08:33

Many Britons just want to chill out and relax when they're on holiday

Many Britons just want to chill out and relax when they're on holiday

When it comes to getting active on a beach holiday Britons are being put in the shade by travellers from other countries, according to a new survey.

Expedia's Flip Flop Report suggests that as long as Britons have their travel insurance, flights, accommodation and spending money sorted, many are content to lie back and relax.

However, while Brits laze away their days in the sun, more energetic Germans, Mexicans and Brazilians are trying out water sports, going on excursions and exploring the local area.

According to the travel booking firm only Japanese and Thai travellers are likely to be less active while on a break, making Britons among the laziest holidaymakers in the world.

The survey reports that 92% of Britons pick a quiet destination when planning their holiday.

Meanwhile, and perhaps surprisingly, just 13% say they are excited about the prospect of going out partying while away on holiday, compared to 87% of Brazilians who want to do so.

Less than a fifth (19%) of the Britons quizzed for the survey say they can be bothered to take a dip in the sea, go surfing or try out other water sports when they're on a beach holiday.

The survey also finds that after the Japanese, Thais and Brits, the next laziest holidaymakers are the South Koreans, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians, Dutch, Irish and those from Singapore.

It seems the most active travellers, according to the study's results, are Indians, Mexicans and Malaysians followed by Austrians, Brazilians, Germans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Spaniards and holidaymakers from Hong Kong.

The Expedia survey includes the views of 11,165 adults from Europe, North America, South America and Asia who have been on a beach holiday in the past year or plan to take one in the next 12 months.