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Brits 'favour staycations' in wake of Brexit

08 November 2017 09:11

Outside the capital, Manchester is the most visited destination in England

Outside the capital, Manchester is the most visited destination in England

Almost three in 10 Britons say their future holidays will be impacted by the UK's vote to leave the EU, a survey has found.

According to the data released by CrossCountry trains, 27% say Brexit will influence their travel plans.

However, a third (31%) of those polled say they actually prefer a "staycation" rather than a foreign holiday.

The figures highlight the growing appeal of taking British holidays rather than heading overseas.

"Following the decision on Brexit, the nation's attention has turned back towards Britain and staycations are on the up," says Catherine Terry, Head of Marketing at CrossCountry.

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Growing concerns

The train operator released the figures amid mounting concern for the cost of overseas travel when Britain leaves the EU.

Half (50%) of Brits believe there will be additional costs passed down to holidaymakers from travel operators after cutting ties with the Union.

The survey results also show that more than two thirds (67%) of people are worried about the currency exchange rates, while almost half (46%) are concerned about how visa entry will work.

Almost two in five (39%) say they expect to feel less welcome by EU states once the UK is no longer a member.

A British holiday

Outside of London, Manchester is the most visited destination with almost a third (31%) of Brits heading to the vibrant town for a break.

Edinburgh ties with the northern city (31%), closely followed by Birmingham (27%).

The results also suggest that four out of five holidaymakers prefer to travel by train rather than by car when heading on a British holiday or trip.

"With an incredible mixture of inspiring culture, beautiful landscapes and stimulating people, Britain has more to offer than most of us care to realise," added Ms Terry.