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Brits return to same destinations

19 April 2014 10:43

Four in five Brits prefer to visit the same holiday destination every year

Four in five Brits prefer to visit the same holiday destination every year

Most Britons are creatures of comfort when it comes to holidays abroad.

Research by Monarch Airlines reveals that four-fifths prefer to visit the same destination year after year, with Spain, The Canary Islands and France the most popular places to return to among groundhog travellers.

The vast majority of people cite weather, food and the length of flight as the reasons behind repetitive getaways, while others enjoy being on first name terms with staff at the resort and locals in the area.

More than eight in 10 adults have returned to the same holiday resort twice or more, according to the survey.

The average holidaymaker, meanwhile, returns to their favourite resort on six occasions during their lifetime, with one in 10 families even revisiting their much loved destination at least 15 times or more.

"Knowing where to eat, how much money to take and knowing that young children will be entertained are all plus points to returning to the same resort," said Andrew Swaffield, Managing Director of Monarch Airlines.

"But it's important not to get stuck in a holiday rut and not broaden your horizons."

Four in five travellers visit the same restaurants at their chosen destination and are more than happy to do the same activities during their break.

The same proportion also return to the same resort with the same people each time, while a number of holidaymakers are so repetitive that they even travel during the same week or fortnight of the year.

Keeping the children happy is the biggest priority for more than half of Brits when booking a holiday, which tends to explain why groundhog holidays are so popular.

But some are starting to wish they had visited more locations rather than repeating the same holiday every year.

No matter where you go, whether it's the same destination or a new one, travel insurance is a must for all holidaymakers.