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Budapest heads bargain break table

02 April 2014 09:19

Lighting up tourists' faces: Budapest offers holidaymakers the best bargains, new research suggests

Lighting up tourists' faces: Budapest offers holidaymakers the best bargains, new research suggests

Budapest offers holidaymakers the best value city break, according to a new survey.

A couple on a two-night stay to the beautiful Hungarian capital, including accommodation, sightseeing and local transport fares, would expect to pay £117. Sights recommended here include Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament Building and the stunning banks of the Danube.

The same package would cost £412 for an average two-night visit to Boston, Massachusetts, which was the most expensive of 25 leading cities analysed in the Post Office Travel Money report.

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Vilnius in Lithuania is the second cheapest city in the Post Office study, while New York is the second priciest hotspot at £366. Europe's most costly destination was Stockholm in Sweden at £363. London was one of the most expensive cities examined with an overall cost of £291.

Bargains are also to be found in Poland's Warsaw (£132) and the Czech Republic's Prague (£136), with the Czech capital offering the most inexpensive meals and drinks.

The Danish capital of Copenhagen has enjoyed a price drop of nearly 30% in the past year, but still remains costly at £306.

Portugal's Lisbon is the eurozone's best bargain at just £137.

Post Office Travel Money's Andrew Brown said it is vital for travellers to check prices before booking. This is because meals and drinks are hardly ever included in city break package breakdowns with prices varying wildly.

For example, holidaymakers could pay four times as much for meals and drinks in Copenhagen as they would in Prague during a weekend break, the report found.

Mr Brown added: "We also found that a meal for two with wine in Prague cost £22, less than half the price charged in 17 other cities across Europe."