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CAA updates flight extras table

14 August 2012 11:04

Many travellers are likely to log on to check out the tables ahead of a trip overseas

Many travellers are likely to log on to check out the tables ahead of a trip overseas

An online price comparison table measuring extra fees charged by 23 airlines in the UK has been updated and released just in time for the peak summer period.

Launched by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) earlier this year, the revamped table includes data on additional charges such as priority boarding, in-flight meals, checking in sports equipment, and seat reservation.

The body said it was continuing to work to ensure non-optional extras such as air passenger duty are factored into the ticket price at the start of the booking process.

Such moves are boosting clarity for holidaymakers, allowing people to have a better handle on total costs before booking a trip. To this end, the Office of Fair Trading recently revealed that 12 airlines have agreed to include debit surcharges at the beginning of the process instead of surprising consumers when they come to pay.

Checking out costings is an essential part of any pre-booking checklist, which should also always include a scout around for the best travel insurance you can find.

Andrew Haines, CAA chief executive, said: "We made this tool available to help give passengers that full picture - allowing them to make informed decisions about what flight suits them best, safe in the knowledge they are aware of any potential fees and charges they may have to pay on top of the price of the ticket.

"It's proved very popular, and we hope even more passengers will now take advantage of this useful tool."